Hello my name is Iris... I have been over weight for about 9 years now.... I ended up gaining my weight after I had my 2nd child...My highest weight was 265lbs....I did diet plans and I even tried diet pills...They worked for a while and then I ended up gaining my weight even more.... I went to see Dr.G about 3 yrs ago and I chickened out on the first visit...This year I went to my Dr.'s office and I was told I had HBP and border line diabeties that scared me cause my mom suffers from HBP and my sister has diabeties........Me and my boyfriend talked about me having the surgery and he said he gave me his support.... I took the next step and called Dr.G's office and made a apt. to see him..... His nurse Karen set up all my apt's and then I found out that I had something wrong w/ my heart so that was a set back...I ran some test and the Card. Dr. gave the go ahead for my surgery....Surgery date was scaduale for 8/23/07................

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