May 6, 2007

May 06, 2007

10 days til surgery. I am petrified. Am I really going through with this?
Tuesday I meet with Dr. Marema and have my pre surgery bloodwork and xray. What if smething shows up and I can't have the surgery on thre scheduled date? What if something doesn't show up and I can have it done? 

I worry I've let it too late to start actually following the pre op diet instructions. Well..maybe 10 days is enough if I really behave.
But what's up with this? If we were capable of following a diet would any of us be having this surgery? All I know is that I'n hungry ALL the time. But's only 10 days..and I did take a brisk 45 minute stroll last night. Must do thr same tonight. Have cut down smoking from 1 and 1/2 packs a day to about 1/2 pack. Can't buy any more.
Why don't I have any self control???

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Bah. Not another operation.
So what is up with the drugs???
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