Circuit Class

Dec 29, 2009

I tried a new class today at the YMCA, Circuit Class.  I thought I was in pretty good shape.  OMG  This class is all about constantly causing muscle confusion.  Cardio, weights, sit-up, jump-ups, crabwalks, frogjumps, crazy.  I am so thankful for my WLS.  I was sucking air and red in the face, but I DID IT!!  This was a very HUGE accomplishment.  I am not to goal, but I am so thrilled that those numbers on the scale don't mean as much as what I am able to do now.  I can physically do WHATEVER I want to.   I still feel like the fat girl, but it doesn't stop me from trying new stuff.  My body has changed and I definitely am very strong, but also VERY jiggly.  I will take that any day compared to where I was last December.   Today I tried this new class and then another hour with my Body Pump class.  My diet is not always what I imagined.  However, I really am thankful and thrilled that I have embraced so many healthy changes in my lifestyle.  Happy New Year to me!! 


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