1 Year out

Aug 29, 2010

 So its 1 year after surgery already. Wow did time fly!!!! So I'm around 210ish right now I still have 60lb's to go. I'm very proud of how far I have come. I have my issues though like all drastic weight loss people have. I look in the mirror in the morning and see one person and look later and see some one else. It is so weird my mind and body are some times not connected. The other thing that is weird mentally is thinking that my weight loss is just going to get token away any minute an I'm going to go right back to being 368lb's. I'm going to start concealing next month so that should help with all the mental stuff. I hope   Other wise the WOW moments where the most evident when I went camping this summer. I wasn't scared to break those little step on the front of campers. I could fit on floaty thing and the floating pier out in the pond. I sat in those cloth fold up chair and wasn't afraid I break it. I felt confident in my swim suits and dresses. It really felt Like a normal person an I could breath for the fist time in my life. I fit in to life completely!!!!! I know I still have 60lb's to go and I wont rest till I get there. I'm on a mission to be completely happy with my body. After I get to 150lb's I'm going to look into plastics. I'm scared but I know its the right move for me. My goals are : 194lb's 80% - 180lb's Drivers licenses picture - 164lb's 200lb weight loss - 150lb's goal weight before plastics - 130lb's after plastics. Wish me luck I know I will finish my journey there is no doubt in my Mind!!!  


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