New Year New Attitude.... 01/02/08

Jan 02, 2009

It seems the mantra of my life the last two years has been "getting back on track". I am so sick of those words . This year I'm going to change it to "don't let it derail in the first place" . Is it me or is it the band ? or is it me not communicating with the band ? All I know is we are not in sync with each other and I'm getting tired of doing ALL the work lol . O.K. I know how that sounds but it is a tool and it should do SOMETHING besides make me sick when I eat to fast . WHY don't I have restriction ??????? Better yet WHY do I have it only sometimes and WHY do I stay hungry and not satisfied after I eat.... I can eat way more {at times} than I do at meals if I wanted to . Somedays I just want to throw the queen mother of hissy fits because I get so hungry and wind of eating the wrong foods . MY can do never give up attitude has not left the building yet but it is inching toward the door . I know there is a solution out there I'm not ready to throw in the towel yet . I have had good restriction before I know what it feels like...... its like falling in love lol  . I know restriction is not a phantom word it does exist and this union be it love/hate now and forever relationship I have with this fickle thing is not going to be my undoing . Can do never give up girl is going to do just that . Divorce is not an option lol I still love my band .  ~Cy


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