Countdown To Slim-Down -- T Minus 12 Days & Counting

Mar 13, 2013

Today I made a post with some advice that I think I want to put in my blog in case someone ever reads mine.

Here is some advice for you too. These forums are GREAT when you need some information or to vent. However, a lot of what gets posted on here are issues that people are having so it can be a bit scary to hear nothing but problems. It's like those "How's My Driving" bumper stickers. How many people do you think call that number and say, "His/her driving is great!"? Not nearly as many as who call and complain. So on this and other forums you are going to hear more about people that need help than people with success stories. My suggestion, and what I've been doing, is going to the profiles of the people that are giving helpful responses and reading their blogs and stories. The majority of them are successful. Yes they probably had some struggles, but usually their blogs and stories talk about how they overcame them to succeed. Stop reading the horror stories. There's more good stuff than bad, but you have to look for the good stuff sometimes whereas the bad tends to just be there.

That's about all I have to say for today.

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