Another Three Months Gone By

Mar 27, 2011

Three months have passed since I wrote on this blog. I am still down at the weight I was in December which is below doctor's goal. However, my bmi is 20.8 and my surgeon thinks my weight is fine as it is even though its below when he told me I was done. I think he just thought that was as far as I would get because I was a slow loser. Anyway, I feel good at this weight and while I am definately trying not to lose any more, I am also not trying to gain. I probably would look a little less wrinkly with a couple more pounds and my husband thinks I am too skinny, but I just have this block about intentionally trying to gain weight. Plus, so many have posted that at two or three years out they regained 10 pounds or so and I am fully expecting that to happen.

So these days things seem pretty normal. I can go to a restaurant and find something to eat even if there are only a few choices I am happy with that. I really don't mind that others are eating a lot more than me. I know if I overdo it I can still get the slimies and will feel uncomfortable and eating slowly and in moderate amounts has become second nature. I go around throughout my day with no awareness that I have had surgery except boy the lack of back and joint pain is wonderful!! Really love that part. Used to have to plan all physical chores before 3 pm as after that I hurt too much.

I still journal my food - calories, carbs and protein. Mainly I am trying to make sure I get the protein in as doc says 70 g a day is for the rest of my life. Ok with that. And I also want to make sure the calories stay in line but its not too much of a problem. The carbs seem to take care of themselves. Ideally I should be learning to do all this without journaling but have seen so many posts from people who have stopped and gotten off track that I am going to just keep it up. Maybe forever.

I have started a martial arts program - Aikibojitsu; the Art of the Staff. It involves some Aikido but uses a long stick and is very Zen and artsy. Fun.

Last fall I started the vsg maintenance group as so many of us were reaching goal and trying to figure out what to do next. I liken it to getting off the tour bus in a foreign country and having to find your way with a dictionary and your wits. The group has been very helpful and is open to all. Its really a lifeline so that those of us who have reached goal are not adrift and therefore prone to regain. I lived in terror of regain and still fear it but every week that goes by that I maintain my weight I feel a little better about it. I am using my OH goals section to set maintenance goals of not weighing above a certain amount at various numbers of months after reaching goal. I think maintaining needs goals, encouragement, victories and things similar to the losing phase.

Still need to work on exercising regularly. Spotty about this. The story of my life. There is a ton of gardening to do when the rains stop and I will sure be doing that.

Well thats about it. Hope in a few more months I can report that I am maintaining.     Diane


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