Reaching Maintenance Goals

Jun 27, 2011

Its been three months since I made a blog post. Not much of a blogger because I dont do much of anything that is all that interesting. But I am happy to report that I am maintaining my weight loss without too much difficulty. I reached my surgeon's goal in September of 2010 but wanted to lose a couple more pounds which he approved. Then I found it was harder to stop losing than I thought and lost about 10 more than I planned to. Still it puts me at a bmi of 20.5 or so which is normal and which my surgeon says is fine. Seems to work for me even though my husband thinks I am too thin. I probably would look better with a few more pounds just to fill out some of the wrinkles but I suspect a few pounds will return soon enough and I am not going to try to do it on purpose except in the unlikely event I drop more weight unexpectedly.

  So I got to my final weight in December of 2010.  I decided to be able to maintain I needed to keep tracking to make sure I got the protein in that doctor says I will need forever. I am afraid to stop tracking as I fear I will just slide into bad habits. I see nothing wrong with doing this indefinatey if needed. My surgeon at one time thought this was kind of obsessive but last support group he said he thought tracking long term was a good idea for a variety of reasons. Told you so, Dr. C.

I also decided I needed to set maintenance goals just like weight loss goals. So they are basically every six months i will not weigh more than 125. I met the first six month goal in May. I have it set up in my goals on my health tracker or start page or somewhere. So I have another one coming up for December. I plan to keep doing this indefinitely. Maintenance is just like being on the weight loss program except you eat twice as many calories. Still keep the protein at 70 g, carbs might be 50 or 50 instead of 20 and calories are about 1200 and not 600. This sounds pretty meager but its what it takes for me - an oldish person who has always had a slow metabolism confirmed by tests. But with the sleeve on my side and the ghrelin mostly out the window, I can manage it. I really don't eat carbs - no bread, rice, potatoes, crackers or pasta. None. its just the way it has to be. Maybe a low carb flatbread or low carb tortilla once in a while. The good news is I can eat a glob of peanut butter and that is very satisfying and makes me feel full. The right kind of fats such as nuts seem to do that.

Haven't done much with exercise. Had to defer the Aikibojitsu do to injury to my hands which was miserable and is still in recovery. Made it really hard to do art for awhile. Also thwarted my other plan which was to get really serious in the garden. I just cant grasp things well with my right hand and it hurts at times so I save it for art work. Still hoping for full recovery in a few more weeks so I can finish that up.

Then there is the Great Dog Chippie and his shows. He only needs one major win to finish his championship but his grooming must be perfect and the hand injury makes that rough. Doing a little at a time as I can.  Thats about it. Later.  D.


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