Jul 02, 2018

Oof. My sister bought a bathroom scale, since her doctor wants her to start trackin' ye olde calories and trying to lose weight. I have always been resolutely anti-scale, given my tendency toward obsessiveness, but I'm almost glad she bought it because at least now I know approximately how much I weigh. My guess was just about correct: 178. I don't feel well; I feel "front heavy" like my gut's going to drag me into the earth's core. My face feels all puffy. My clothes are all just a little bit too tight. I started tracking food/water/exercise today (fun fact: zero exercise today!), and as it pretty much always is, this was an ugly wake-up call. (Why is drinking water such an onerous ordeal?)


Anyway: yikes, blargh, back to the ol' routine. 


I'm fine. I just have some work to do.

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