I crossed my legs!!!!!

May 24, 2009

I had a super huge wow tonight.  I crossed my legs!  AHHHHH!!!!!!  I was kind of slouched down on the couch when I did it, so just to be sure, I went and sat in my leather chair, and I did it again!!!!!!!  OMG!!

It's so weird too, because I was just out on Friday night with my friend Gail, and we were talking about it.  She was saying she couldn't wait until she could cross her legs.  I said to her that when she does, she probably won't even notice for a second or two, and then she'd look down and realise OMG, my legs are crossed!!!"  Well that's what happened to me tonight.  It was so weird, but so exciting.  It felt funny to me, because my legs are so much thinner now, I can actually feel the edges of the muscles in my legs.  Once I start using that excersize bike regularly, hopefully my thighs will tone up and be even thinner. 

I just realised today, that with my new BMI of 36, I am just "obese", and not "extremely obese" anymore!  I'll be closing in on that "overweight" category this summer for sure.


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