2 week appointments update!

May 20, 2009

So today I was in Bangor for my two week post up follow up appointments with the surgeon and the Dietician.

I met with Mark at Downeast Surgical Associates and he was wonderful. I was at 338.6 according to their scales (334 at home) and he was very pleased. He took off my steri strips and answered some questions. I can start exercising as long as it's walking but no water aerobics yet, darn I really wanted to join Tracy at the gym! He said after I see Dr.Toder. Still off all my meds except one (off two blood pressure and metformin)!!

Then later I met with Amanda, my NUT and she went over where I'm at. I was only at 6% weight loss according to them since surgery but she felt it might have a lot to do with the amount of stuff they pumped into me in the hospital, I had gained 5 pounds when I went home!!!  I was cleared for the Phase 3- soft proteins! WOOHHOO because as you guys know I was about to go nuts on protein shakes!!!

So we went grocery shopping and I tried some tuna with light mayo first, but it was alittle dry and didn't go down well so I stopped and then tried low fat roast beef deli meat, it was great!!! So far I'm feeling good!

Well that's it for  now! I'll keep you all updated, tomorrow I'm going back to work for a half a day to get back into the grind!


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