Well, like many others, I have struggled with my weight my entire life.  I think I first started dieting when I was around 12 years old.  I thought I was just so huge, but in reality, in looking back at pictures, I wasn't so bad.  I was a little bit on the chunky side, but ohh what I would give to be that "chunky" now!  I was a tomboy and played lots of sports.  I was one of the guys and had all guy friends -- always active and always on the go.  I think that helped me tremendously.  I really began getting heavier when I was in high school and I honestly think the majority of it started with some friends I had who were severely overweight.  I wouldn't blame them, but I would say that being around them eating put me in a position to eat more and eat more often.  I began snacking and sneaking food more.  We never ate the ABSOLUTE healthiest stuff at home, but in all reality we had very balanced meals with good portion sizes.  We usually did have dessert after dinner but it was usually something like 4-5 butter cookies, or ONE scoop of ice cream or something of that nature.  Once I got old enough to drive, I began sneaking and eating more.  I got hooked on the fast food and I would even eat before going home for dinner.

I had the LapBand placed back in 2004 and lost about 90 lbs.  I had all kinds of complications and got to the point where all I could get down was 'crap' food.  I gained all of my weight back, but I finally won my battle and had it removed in November 07.  Since then my weight has just continued to go upwards.  I have given a concerted effort to losing it on my own but it seems the same as before -- actually harder now that I am older.

I have been lurking on the DS board while I have been trying to lose it without surgery and posting on the non-op board.  I think the DS is for me.  I think I should have had it to begin with.  I have my consult with Dr. Inman on 9/29 so with any luck, I will be on my way.

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