6 Months (87 pounds)

Sep 07, 2009

Well, I am 3 days late in updating for my 6 months' progress -- close enough, eh?

I'm down 87 pounds, which makes 12 pounds for this past month.  What do I attribute the double digits to?  PROTEIN SHAKES!  I started back on them and wow, the weight started flying off compared to what it had been doing.  I've been impressed!  I only drink one a day, in the mornings.  It tends to keep me pretty satiated throughout the day, although I have been able to eat a little better as  the month has progressed.  At first I thought it was going to practically keep me from wanting to eat....I guess my body has gotten used to it somewhat.

Life has been great at 6 months out.  I've had lots of little wows along the way and I try to really enjoy them as they come.  I've been shopping in regular stores along with some plus-sizes still.  I haven't lost enough to completely get out of them and you know what?  It actually comforts me a little bit.  That is what I feel safe in.  This has been a major [email protected](*& for me.  Right now I am enjoying the additional options, but on the other hand, I feel lost.  Gosh, I might have to find me a "style" now!

My ongoing exhaustion has let up this month as well -- this could also be attributable to the protein shakes...maybe?!!?  I don't know.  I am glad I don't have to nap multiple times per day though.  I have felt much more 'normal.'  My hair loss has slowed up a bit -- now I just have frizzies from hell instead!  It's o.k. though, I will take it in trade for all the things I have gained!  FREEDOM is at the top of this list.  I don't feel so self-conscious when I go out in public now -- the anxiety in some situations has let up.  I feel like I 'fit in' better with groups of people and I am enjoying blending in!

The ONLY negative in my life right now is a skin rash of sorts.  I have no idea if it's even remotely related to the DS (vitamins, etc...) but I hope to find out something soon.  It spreads and spreads and itches and itches every day.  It affects my sleep.  The meds/creams/gels/lotions the doctors have given me have done NOTHING, including a cortisone shot in the butt.  I'm going to have my blood drawn tomorrow for my 6 month labs so I suppose if it could be related to vitamins, it will show there.

Thanks to everyone who has been so supportive of me and those of you who have answered my questions and given me suggestions.  I really appreciate the help and support and I  only hope I can give back half as much as you guys have given me in this short amount of time.  I haven't taken my official pics for my 6 months yet so I suppose my swimsuit pic will have to do this month.....hehe

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