Sept 21

Sep 21, 2010

Just got home, I have been care giving for a wonderful woman who is 101. Dagny turns 102 Sept 28. I love older people, I spent a lot of time with my grandmother right up to the end of her life... she lived to 103.

This has nothing to do with surgery.... it has been just a good way to divert my mind and think about other things... but I have been on OH all day... too much time on my hands.

Well I heard from Bariatrics on Friday about 4pm... and now have my date. October 6, 2010. !!
First night, I slept the best I have in months... all the wanting to have a date... I was stressing to much.

Now I am waiting for the paperwork for my pre op on Sept 30 with Dr Hahn. Darn mail, all the stuff I do not need... food ads... junk mail... lol.
Ordered my medic alert from Laurens Hope... I am making my own bracelet. I took a jewelry class so it will give me something to do between now and surgery.

No one to stay the night with my dogs... which freaks me out. They are spoiled rotten. Echo is a Mommy's boy, and Sierra.. is just my sweet Sissy... and they both always sleep with me. they are not use to being crated all night. There is no way in ___ that I am having my druggie daughter stay here ... who knows what she will take .... when I am in the hospital. I guess pray that I am at peace with perhaps my trying to persuade my dog sitter Nashaun to PLEASE stay all night at my house or at least a good part of the night.

Well... perhaps more tomorrow......


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