Oct 3, 2010

Oct 03, 2010

Can't believe it is really 3 days away...! Right now, it is 1pm and by this time Wednesday, I will be out of recovery, and hopefully in my room.
One minute I have everything done, then remember something else.
Oh yea, did I mention, I have no car working?  Yea, I got stuck on 680 right as your almost under the Bart tracks... climbed out on the right side, damn car was too close to the right lane of traffic for me to get out. I could have, but used my better judgment and did as I should. I was coming back from my Pre-Op apt With Dr Hahn. So I was on a OMG it is happening buzz, what else can do, no crying, what good would that do. AAA was there fast, I know the drill, use to be married to a AAA driver...lone female, is a priority call. Thank God my mechanic was still there, bad news, so now to get my Saturn down to the guy across from my mechanic, to get the tranny done.

OK so back to surgery... was in , "hey I am good" to now... scattered, going from room to room, damn wish I had a Dumpster...not that the house is a mess, but the closets... mostly the one in the hallway... how many curtain rods bent do I think I need to save...omg? See... well, it did not make it as easy with my granddaughter being here for 4 days... I love her, but you know you are not able to get things done with a 4 year old around.. bless her little heart.

Not sleeping worth a darn. I have been waking up, wandering around, then go back to bed... I am so tired... I am looking forward to the hospital to be honest.   I worry about things, like, will my dog sitter really hang out with the dogs, will Charita stay over night like she is suppose to? Sorry, but my dogs are not going to be in crates the whole 2 days I am gone. They can be crated during the day, if someone is not here, but NOT at night... not fair.

That is what my worry is. Not about the squishy foods after, I have got that all taken care of. Cooked, froze stuff, in mini amounts, for once in my life... this I am prepared for.

Remind me later when I am bitching about something... sorry for the slang... but it fits. More later tomorrow


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