"Step right up folks! ALIVE INSIDE! The head of a lovely girl on a body of an elephant SHRINKING before your very eyes!"

It was a cold and nipply February morning in '82 when I was born and I have been battling my weight ever since. I was always the quirky little fat girl growing up. Growing up I was not really aware I was fat until I hit school and the kids were all to "KIND" to inform me. I must of been a stone cold mama from the get go because I swiftly accepted this reality that I was not a thin girl and went on doing the damn thing.

In 6th grade I remember weighing myself at 180 pounds and it gradually got higher. It really shot up when I was in a toxic relationship with a man who felt the heavier I was the less attractive I would be to other men. I was my highest when I was in this relationship tipping the scales at 310 pounds. It was during this time that I also found out I was diabetic (in 2002). The first few years I am not even going to lie I was in total denial. The relationship ended (by my kicking his sorry ass out BWAHAHA!!!) but he failed to pack up and take my diabetes with him when he left.

After this relationship I got my head clear and started owning my actions (in some cases lack of actions). This meant facing my health as well. I tried damn near every medication for diabetes you could think of: diet and exercise, from pills to lizard spit and nothing worked. Then came insulin...while it curved it a bit my blood sugar levels were still ranging around 250 (YIKES)! At this time I was giving myself over 100 units of insulin a day. I got tired of the needles and finally broke down with the advice of my Dr and got placed on an insulin pump along with U500 insulin (this is the max strength insulin out there. 1 unit of this is equal to 5 units of regular insulin). That brought my numbers down and steadied them but also unveiled my eyes to the other health issues I had going on. Re-occurring bouts of pancreatitis, high blood pressure, high triglycerides, frontal lobe add, etc etc. I now have a medical file that could rival a 90 year olds but I am gradually getting healthier.

In 2009 my surgical weight-loss journey began with the recommendation of this route by my dr. I initially was under the weight-loss program with Baker Bariatric and reached the point of psych evaluation when I received a phone call from Dr. Baker's nurse informing me they would not perform surgery on me sue to my medical history. SAY WHAAAA!?!? To say I was a tad miffed would be an understatement. At the initial meeting I asked if my medical history would hinder doing surgery on me and was told that it actually made me a prime candidate. They had also been informed of my medical history through my initial questionnaire, medical records, during each of my following Dr. visits to set up surgery, in my visits with nurses, visits with dietitians, etc. He had no problem swiping my co-pays and charging my insurance and then simply dropped me on my big fat butt by having his nurse leave a message on my answering machine. LAME!!!!! Not taking no for an answer I blanketed the metro area stating in depth my medical history and desire to have surgery so I could live to see 30. ONE office got back to me, ONE! Dr. Michael Schwartz with Abbott. I am now scheduled for RNY surgery February 2nd 2011 (6 days before my birthday) and that my dears is what brings our paths to cross.

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