2 week post op.

Feb 18, 2011

 So on Wednesday it was my 2 week post op appointment. Time flys when you are high on dilauded. ZOINKS! Things went well except I found out that I had some stitches slip due to me pushing myself to much (Maybe walking the 3 miles at the Mall Of America 4 days after surgery was a bad idea, or it could of been the huge play land or the little kids bounce house that I had a blast in.......ok it may have also been the sex oops! GIRLS GOT A LIBIDO SO SUE ME!) Reguardless it explains why one of my incissions was far more ouchy than the rest. All is well though nothing alittle rest and some ointment can't cure (beyond the fact that I may have a scar that sticks around longer).

I found out that I have already lost over 25% of my excess weight which makes me incredibly happy since I was rather hard on myself thinking that I should have lost more weight. I can not be happier with the choice of having the RNY and with the switch in bariatric clinics. Things have been going great so far. No vomiting, no dumping syndrom, no intolorances thus far.

Now only my random rants and a few raves:

-Men cover your ears: I am having my period right now and HOLY CRAP! I was a menstral eating machine prior to the surgery and I am finding myself in the same mind set still after surgery, I want salt and sugar and in abundance. I have been doing my best to ward off eating but I would be lying if I said it wasnt testing me. 

- I had a HELL of a time with the calcium. If you haven't been told already after bariatric surgery your body can't break down and absorb "regular" calcium so it has to be calcium citrate you take. Well the calcium citrate tablets are BIG and they test horrid when crushed up. I got turned onto the Bariatric Advantage chocolate chews and lozenges and WOW life saver. While yes the price tag can seem a bit much it's really not that bad when you look at what you WERE spending on groceries compared to what you are after surgery. 

- I can not tell you how much this tip has helped me. I use to be a chugger when it came to liquids. I bought those measures rubbermaid water bottles and I freeze them at night and drink them as they thaw. This helps me get my measured ammount of water and also FORCES me to slow down and sip rather than trying to chug. TRUST ME your body WILL inform you when it doesnt like the pace at which you are doing things.

-Fully Cooked Grilled Chicken Breasts have been a life saver! I bought a bag of these with a glaze on them at Target for like 6 bucks and WOW are they good, a great source of protein and also easy as pie to cook! Even in a microwave they taste delish! 

-I am selling off a TON of my clothing already. I had an entire room converted to a closet so there is ALOT of stuff heading out the door and onto ebay. TONS of torrid, lane bryant, ulla, b&lu, etc etc. Contact me if you want the link to my ebay.

-I can fit into all of the rings Sean has bought me again!

Not a whole ton to write right now plus I am updating this from work soooo I should probably go. 


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