What you buy compared to what you use...

Jan 26, 2011

So exactly one week until surgery and I am going BONKERS on this liquid diet. I thought I'd be stellar with it being when I get pancreatitis I am not allowed solids or liquids (not even ice chips) but MAN!!!! this is testing me. I cracked the other day and floated a couple crackers in my soup broth. I know I know I know! TERRIBLE! I felt rediculous guilt in doing it too.  I think it was more the desire to CHEW more than anything. I have remained on track though beyond that and can not recommend enough Extra Dessert Delights sugarfree gum in Key Lime Pie for those times when you are going batty with the desire to chew something (doesn't hurt that it is DELICIOUS too!). I've dropped about 12 pounds on this liquid portion of pre-op so far, may it be water weight or otherwise I don't care so long as it's gone.

In my rediculous ammount of research through this whole process I have come across TONS of books, websites, videos and unsolicitated advice from folks telling me what I SHOULD be purchasing as far as before and after surgery. During this pre-op portion I have bought ALOT of stuff (some of which I have written about already-others I will as I use them IF I use them) I say IF I use them because alot of sites and such have follow ups of what things they actually HAVE used compared to the crazy ammount of crap you buy. Here is my short list thus far:

-Bella Cucina Rocket Blender: This blender is exactly like the magic bullet however sold in Target and only cost me $24.99. I can not tell you enough how much I have used this thing already and I am still in the pre-op stages. It is far FAR easier to use than the crazy big bertha blenders, it comes with different cups (and 2 different sized cups) which also include LIDS!!!! Can grind, chop, puree, blend etc. and takes up the same ammount of room on my counter as a small coffee grinder (it also grinds coffee BTW).

-Blender Ball drink holder: I will stand by this product till the end of time! I got mine for $3.19 through amazon but you can also find them at GNC. It's your basic spout drink holder with a wire ball whisk in it. So so easy, doesn't add the frothiness that a blender does and is easy to clean. Not much else to say except it's by far my favorite product thus far that I have found for mixing protein drinks.

-Shakeweight: YES!!! I brought one! I don't care who knows it! While yes it does look like I am jacking off a gigantic penis when I use it, it is BY FAR the best arm workout I have used so far (including goofy gym machines- also it's currently 19.99 for the womens version at Target and you get a $5 gift card with the purchase of it). They say 6 minuets is equivalent to 42 minuets worth of work with free weight. I was skeptical especially being the thing only weighs 2.5 pounds but HOLY CRAP! I didn't even last 1 minuet my first time using it. I fear the dreaded bat wings and hopefully this will help keep them at bay alittle bit. I have been using it alittle less than a week and have measured a .25 difference in my arms. AWESOME!

-Ice Cube Trays: I have at least 3 full at all times. With regular ice for smoothies and shakes. I also will be dividing a thing of broth into these so I can have a small portioned size within my limits for the first week or so I am home. Will be advancing the contents with my diet as well to try and avoid wasting so much food.


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