A Little Over The 2 Month Mark

Apr 18, 2011

Well the 2nd was my 2 month mark post-op and I figured "HEY this may be a good time to update" So here goes:

I am now on a full diet and seem to be tolorating everything well so far except for beef and doughier textured things. They seem swell going down however maybe 10 minuets into it and POW it's coming back up. Let me tell you when you chew your food down to the consistency of apple sauce it comes up alot easier than it did pre-op when I would just hork my food down.

I am a pale one so alas my scars are still a nice shade of strawberry against my snow-white skin. I had my gall-bladder removed prior to having gastric and those healed and have lightened ALOT so I am hoping these ones follow suit. The only one that has me in question is the one where I slipped the stitch on it. (I walked 4 Miles 3 days after surgery and then also found myself in a childrens bounce house prior to my 2 week- HEY It was the first time I could shimmy my big ol butt through the jump house door I HAD TO DO IT!)

I have had a few minor plateau moments (mostly around period time- I am a bloater to the fullest degree) and had to put away the scale for a few days at a time as I was catching myself checking my weight 5-7 times a day and alas that is NOT a healthy thing to do. I have one of those scales that measures down to the ounce and seriously sometimes I will pee almost a POUND and it is silly and facinating to me!

Now here comes in some HRUMPH moments:
I have started noticing hairloss not in the way my actual hair looks but in the hairbrush and also when I take showers and run my fingers through my hair. I have started using rogain for women to try and get some new growth started ASAP. Fingers crossed that I don't have TO much loss but hey if nothing else I am pretty good with extentions and I can rock a wig like a son of a gun!!!

I have also come to a conclussion this past week. I have now officially slid into a phase of body dysmorphic disorder. I see my health changing, I see my medications going away, I see my measurements changing, I see the numbers on my scale going down, people noticing differences, however I also "SEE" myself in the mirror looking the same way I did 6 or so years ago in my worst health and my highest weight.

Getting ready for the day has now turned into a very depressing and frusterating portion of my day. My regular go to outfits no longer fit. I went from owning 19 pairs of jeans to now owning 1 that fits me without it looking like I have taken a huge dump in them. I have resorted to wearing mainly dresses not for the enjoyment of feeling dainty but to avoid trying to find a pair of pants to wear that don't make me want stab myself.

This is a change that I needed to make for my health and well being and this is all stuff that I was aware would come with this change but I thought I would be able to deal with it alittle better than I am. I was not the girl who was ever "concerned" looks wise at any portion of my life. I've always been a take me as I am or leave me sort of gal however I wish I could just kind of relay that message to myself in terms OF myself. Dresses for the WIN!


2 week post op.

Feb 18, 2011

 So on Wednesday it was my 2 week post op appointment. Time flys when you are high on dilauded. ZOINKS! Things went well except I found out that I had some stitches slip due to me pushing myself to much (Maybe walking the 3 miles at the Mall Of America 4 days after surgery was a bad idea, or it could of been the huge play land or the little kids bounce house that I had a blast in.......ok it may have also been the sex oops! GIRLS GOT A LIBIDO SO SUE ME!) Reguardless it explains why one of my incissions was far more ouchy than the rest. All is well though nothing alittle rest and some ointment can't cure (beyond the fact that I may have a scar that sticks around longer).

I found out that I have already lost over 25% of my excess weight which makes me incredibly happy since I was rather hard on myself thinking that I should have lost more weight. I can not be happier with the choice of having the RNY and with the switch in bariatric clinics. Things have been going great so far. No vomiting, no dumping syndrom, no intolorances thus far.

Now only my random rants and a few raves:

-Men cover your ears: I am having my period right now and HOLY CRAP! I was a menstral eating machine prior to the surgery and I am finding myself in the same mind set still after surgery, I want salt and sugar and in abundance. I have been doing my best to ward off eating but I would be lying if I said it wasnt testing me. 

- I had a HELL of a time with the calcium. If you haven't been told already after bariatric surgery your body can't break down and absorb "regular" calcium so it has to be calcium citrate you take. Well the calcium citrate tablets are BIG and they test horrid when crushed up. I got turned onto the Bariatric Advantage chocolate chews and lozenges and WOW life saver. While yes the price tag can seem a bit much it's really not that bad when you look at what you WERE spending on groceries compared to what you are after surgery. 

- I can not tell you how much this tip has helped me. I use to be a chugger when it came to liquids. I bought those measures rubbermaid water bottles and I freeze them at night and drink them as they thaw. This helps me get my measured ammount of water and also FORCES me to slow down and sip rather than trying to chug. TRUST ME your body WILL inform you when it doesnt like the pace at which you are doing things.

-Fully Cooked Grilled Chicken Breasts have been a life saver! I bought a bag of these with a glaze on them at Target for like 6 bucks and WOW are they good, a great source of protein and also easy as pie to cook! Even in a microwave they taste delish! 

-I am selling off a TON of my clothing already. I had an entire room converted to a closet so there is ALOT of stuff heading out the door and onto ebay. TONS of torrid, lane bryant, ulla, b&lu, etc etc. Contact me if you want the link to my ebay.

-I can fit into all of the rings Sean has bought me again!

Not a whole ton to write right now plus I am updating this from work soooo I should probably go. 


Birthdays and Re-Births

Feb 08, 2011

And on the 8th day The Goddess created ME! So today is my birthday and I am 6 days post-op. I DID IT!!! I had my re-birth! My innerds have been smacked flipped and rubbed down. They were able to do it via scope (there was a bit of worry about this being I have a big history of pancreatitis which can cause serious scar tissue inside). I also had a liver biopsy done at the same time so I have an additional cut to my abdomin. 7 cuts total. I am a very pale woman so these cuts look pretty gnarly but I have to say 6 days out and they do not hurt nearly as bad as I had anticipated. 

Morning of surgery went well except I couldn't pee for them for about an hour and a half. Finally trickled it out and off I went. I warned them that I curse like a sailor when I come off anesthesia and I don't know if they totally believed me because they seemed rather shocked when I woke up and laughed while telling me how I call them all Fuckers and Cunts and proclaimed that I would pee on the bones of the priest who baptized them. ummmmmm Hey! I warned them!

Went up to my room and I had it to myself for a good portion of the day then at night got a roommate who had no issues declaring how they did NOT want to be sharing a room with me. Hate to break it to ya ma'am but I don't think anyone in the hospital really WANTS to share a room. Then it came time to walk, I was off! I did 4 laps the first night and that was enough for me. Slept the rest of the night. Woke up and managed to walk another 6 laps as well as start my oral liquid diet. all went well and then came lunch which also seemed to go down well.

I have to say I heard that your body would just be like DING! I AM FULL! but didn't so much believe it but it's TRUE! It is totally true! You have to be tuned in to your bodies reactions to things but it will all come to you. 

So I regret nothing but have to tell you this:

-you WILL gain a bit of weight when they hook you up to the IV at the hospital. This is meerly liquids and you will loose it afterwards quickly.

-you WILL feel rediculously bloated from them inflating your innerds with air during surgery. You will have left over gases from the surgery that your organs absorbed and you will feel what is like a mix between a burp and a hiccup. Sometimes out your butt too. (Took a few days for my intestines to start up again so I didnt get this part)

-you WILL hurt but it will hurt alot less than some of the complications that comes from being overweight.

That is all I have for right now as I am still on the pain meds and get crazy sleepy at random times sooooo I am off to take a nap. Thank you for all of you who sent kind words to me!


Tomorrow I am getting CUT THE F' up!!!

Feb 01, 2011

Wahoooooo! So tomorrow it my surgery day...I hope. I say this because I was sappose to recieve a phone call yesterday (monday) from the nurse and alas closing time rolled around and still no call. I called and left a message with them on their voice mail and had still not heard anything back at 11 this morning so I called them and was put through to the nurse's voicemail. Hrrrrrm. I am sappose to drink the Magnesium Citrate (Hurricane Maggie- hehe) 15 minuets ago and really i'd like to either get to or push it to the back of my fridge if I have to. I figure if I havent heard from them by 11:30 though I am just going to take it and if by chance they for whatever reason reschedule me I will just poop into a bag and mail it to them (ok maybe not but haha I am a tad cynical and it crossed my mind).

While I am writting here I have to say how WONKY my past weeks horoscopes are. Now I am not a daily horoscope person because I feel like that is a bit phooey but MAN there is a guy named Rob who I get horoscopes from and he does ones that are a tad out there (he is a very kooky little man). So here is my most recent:

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): In the early 20th century, many women at
the beach covered most of their bodies with swimsuits made of wool. If
they went in the water, they'd emerge about 20 pounds heavier.
Swimming was a challenge. Your current psychic state has resemblances
to what you'd feel like if you were wearing drenched woolen underwear
and a drenched woolen clown suit and a drenched woolen robe. My
advice? Take it off; take it all off. The astrological omens are clear:
Whatever your reasons were for being in this get-up in the first place are
no longer valid.

SAY WHAAAAAAAAAAAAA! get outta town! I kid you not this was my recent horoscope! And then my beautiful amazing friend Margot sent me this other one (she is also an Aquarius) and it stated something about being on a diet and how instead of thinking of how I am denying myself of things to think of all the new that is going to come my way. CRAZZZZZZZY stuff in horoscope land I am telling you!



Jan 26, 2011

WOOOOHA! So I am always looking for a deal and to save money here are some awesome things I found at the dollar store (I went to a local Dollar Tree) that may help with surgery before and after:

-Ice Cube Trays
-Tiny Ramekin with lids!!! YES the exact kind you find at other stores for $4+ (microwave, dishwasher and oven safe)
-Baby Spoons
-Baby Forks
-Tiny Plates
-Tiny Bowls (glass ones are in the dish isle)
-Tiny Bowls with Lids (In the baby isle)
-Fabric Tape Measure (for taking body measurements)
-Jounrals (for keeping track of thoughts, measurements, food logs, etc)
-Photo Albums (For keeping track of those before, during and after photos)
-Water Bottles (These are great because some have the loose caps you have to bite to get liquid out of)
-Jump Ropes
-Ice Packs
-Tiny Food Storage (for taking meals on the go)
-Mirage of puzzle books for when you really don't have the desire or attention span to do much else after surgery.


What you buy compared to what you use...

Jan 26, 2011

So exactly one week until surgery and I am going BONKERS on this liquid diet. I thought I'd be stellar with it being when I get pancreatitis I am not allowed solids or liquids (not even ice chips) but MAN!!!! this is testing me. I cracked the other day and floated a couple crackers in my soup broth. I know I know I know! TERRIBLE! I felt rediculous guilt in doing it too.  I think it was more the desire to CHEW more than anything. I have remained on track though beyond that and can not recommend enough Extra Dessert Delights sugarfree gum in Key Lime Pie for those times when you are going batty with the desire to chew something (doesn't hurt that it is DELICIOUS too!). I've dropped about 12 pounds on this liquid portion of pre-op so far, may it be water weight or otherwise I don't care so long as it's gone.

In my rediculous ammount of research through this whole process I have come across TONS of books, websites, videos and unsolicitated advice from folks telling me what I SHOULD be purchasing as far as before and after surgery. During this pre-op portion I have bought ALOT of stuff (some of which I have written about already-others I will as I use them IF I use them) I say IF I use them because alot of sites and such have follow ups of what things they actually HAVE used compared to the crazy ammount of crap you buy. Here is my short list thus far:

-Bella Cucina Rocket Blender: This blender is exactly like the magic bullet however sold in Target and only cost me $24.99. I can not tell you enough how much I have used this thing already and I am still in the pre-op stages. It is far FAR easier to use than the crazy big bertha blenders, it comes with different cups (and 2 different sized cups) which also include LIDS!!!! Can grind, chop, puree, blend etc. and takes up the same ammount of room on my counter as a small coffee grinder (it also grinds coffee BTW).

-Blender Ball drink holder: I will stand by this product till the end of time! I got mine for $3.19 through amazon but you can also find them at GNC. It's your basic spout drink holder with a wire ball whisk in it. So so easy, doesn't add the frothiness that a blender does and is easy to clean. Not much else to say except it's by far my favorite product thus far that I have found for mixing protein drinks.

-Shakeweight: YES!!! I brought one! I don't care who knows it! While yes it does look like I am jacking off a gigantic penis when I use it, it is BY FAR the best arm workout I have used so far (including goofy gym machines- also it's currently 19.99 for the womens version at Target and you get a $5 gift card with the purchase of it). They say 6 minuets is equivalent to 42 minuets worth of work with free weight. I was skeptical especially being the thing only weighs 2.5 pounds but HOLY CRAP! I didn't even last 1 minuet my first time using it. I fear the dreaded bat wings and hopefully this will help keep them at bay alittle bit. I have been using it alittle less than a week and have measured a .25 difference in my arms. AWESOME!

-Ice Cube Trays: I have at least 3 full at all times. With regular ice for smoothies and shakes. I also will be dividing a thing of broth into these so I can have a small portioned size within my limits for the first week or so I am home. Will be advancing the contents with my diet as well to try and avoid wasting so much food.

Pre-Op Final Class

Jan 20, 2011

 Today I woke at the butt crack of dawn for my final pre-op class. I have officially started the liquid diet now and at the weigh in this morning I found I had dropped 10.4 pounds from my last weigh in. This class today put ALOT of my questions to rest and coddled alot of my fears. I have to say though this past week has been a pretty emotional one. I contribute alot of it to the fact that I had the implanon birth control removed from my arm (that shit is EVIL!).

I was so nervous because Sean was unable to be in town when my surgery was scheduled (which is also really close to my birthday) I opened my e-mail today only to find a confirmation email for a plane ticket! He is flying back here to be with me after surgery and for my birthday!!! (He is a field biologist so is off playing in the woods every so often) I am BEYOND amped about this!

Also had a moment where I just kind of broke a bit and though "WHAT THE HELL HAVE I GOTTEN MYSELF INTO!" that has since subsidded and I am full steam ahead gung-ho yet again.
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Isopure Discounted & The Blender Ball Drink Container

Jan 17, 2011

Just purchased 2 jugs of Isopure from Allstarhealth.com for a fraction of the price you find it in stores. I ended up getting both jugs including shipping for what you find ONE for in stores! I got chocolate (figured this would be good for shakes as well as sprinkling onto puddings and into yogurts) and unflavored (For use with shakes, puddings, soups, yogurts, spreads etc). Isopure packs a whopping 40+ grams of protein in every serving (suggested serving) and comes in MANY flavors like chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, bannana, orange, mint chocolate chip, alpine punch, peach mango, etc etc. YUM!!! And shipping was a flat $5.95 for the entire order with standard shipping!!!

To go with it I bopped over to Amazon.com and picked up a Blender Ball. If you have never seen or used one of these they are AWESOME! I picked up the 20 oz shaker for $3.19. It's just your regular beverage holder but comes with this nifty wire whisk ball (It resembles a cat toy) You pop in your liquids, protein powder and the ball and shake! This mixes your shakes into heaven without chunks! Much easier than dragging out the big bertha blenders. PLUS! It doesn't add all of the air that blenders do so you get a nice smooth shake without all that froth.

2 week post-op liquid diet.

Jan 17, 2011

Wednesday starts my 2 weeks post-op liquid diet. I will be starting all of my vitamins at this time too that I have not been taking prior. Goals are to take in 50 to 60 grams of protein a day, stick to 1000 calories a day, continue to work on the chewing, get use to not drinking before during and after meals and to start tracking EVERYTHING better than I have been. With my history of pancreatitis I am not dreading this portion of it like I have seen some. With pancreatitis you are NPO (no food or liquids period including water/ice chips). With this I still have options of things going into my mouth hole...HOOORAY!

For those of you needing them Walgreens is having a sale right now. Vitamins are buy one get one. I stocked up a years worth of the items I use that are available there. The liquid Bcomplex on sale is actually pretty dang good when you figure it's straight vitamins and minerals and you place it under your tounge so if you are having issues finding the under tounge tablets this is a great alternative.

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