I am presently 49 years old.  I have Kaiser insurance and they require that you loose 10% of your weight before they would do the surgery.  This is my second time around.  The first time I could not loose the weight.  I figured if I could loose the weight I would not need the surgery.  As of February 2008 my doctore reinstated me back into the WLS program. My goal weight for the surgery is 320.  While off the program I gained more weight.  So now I have to loose the weight that I have gained plus get down to goal weight.  They feel they would be rewarding bad behavior is they changed my goal to the new 10% weight. In all I have to loose 54 pounds before surgery.  My goal is to loose the weight by whatever means neccessary.  I have a gym membership and attend weightwatchers.  We will see what happens. I am a father and a pastor.  It is hard for me to do either because of my weight.  I want to live to see my children succeed in life and do the work of the ministry.  

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