Pants size from 48 to 36

Jul 20, 2009

Today I was getting dressed to go to work and there were a pair of my son's pants in my room.  Temptation hit me like a ton of bricks.  It said try them on.  I looked at the size and said there is no way.  Curiosity got the best of me.  I tried them on and guess what they fit.  A size 36.  My weight loss has tremendously slowed to a snail's pace but the inches are still coming off.  This just encourages me to stay in the gym more.  There are people telling me that I am loosing too much weight.  My reply is nobody told me that I was gaining too much weight.  It doesn't bother me because when I use to see my friends that had the surgery, when they said I need to loss more I said the same thing.  I believe all my weight now is in my stomach area.  It really looks like a tire that I am wearing.  I am working out on the eliptical machine and that is really toning my flabby thighs and arms.  It is also helping my abs. 


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