Little Mile Stones

Mar 16, 2009

Good morning gang.  I am enjoying this road that I am on.  I have begun to do things that I could not do before.  I can actually cross my legs now.  I havn't worn a real belt in years.  I did my own lawn on saturday and then had enough energy to work on my garage.  I am excited about this. The biggest mile stone is that I am no longer on by blood pressure medication or my diabetic meds.  I did a stress test a few weeks ago and they found that my blood pressure was too low (80/68).  They almost did not do the test.   My biggest goal is to get under 300 pounds. I am only two pounds away.  I live in the gym now.  That has become a part of my life.  I neaver want to go back to being the old me again.  I remember what got me there the first time so I am doing something different.  They say insanity is doing the same thing expecting different results.  I am not insane any more.  I cleaned the garage so that I could get to my home gym that had been collecting dust since I had it.  Keep my wife in your prayers because she is up for the surgery and she is waiting to hear from her doctor.  We want to be on this journey together.


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