1-month Surgiversary! - 12/4/08

Mar 03, 2009

Post Date: 12/4/08 10:25 pm
Ok, so technically it's tomorrow (5th) but I am going to be too busy to post, so I thought I'd get this out of the way now!

I'm down 21 pounds! 

But, even better than that, are the inches: 23!  The biggest loss was in my waist - I lost 4.5 inches there!  I didn't lose anything from my neck or my calves (either of the extreme ends of me!) but everything else lost at least a little something.  My girls lost some (boo hoo!) but I was saddened by the lack of loss in my hips (only 1.5 inches there.)  I'm going to have a tiny waist and a huge butt at this rate.

My eating:  so far so good.  Last night I had some popcorn which was sooo good, but I retained water overnight.  I tried some pork rinds today and upchucked - I think I wasn't aware of how fast i was eating them since they're so light and they got into a big globby mess.  Ewww. 

Eating pretty much anything, just not huge amounts.  I still have a hard time figuring out when I'm full, and I don't like to chance a run-in with with the vomit-machine, so I could probably fit more in if I tried.  I ate about 15 shrimp today at lunch, over 45 minutes.

I'm getting plenty of liquids in, and am happy making my own concoctions - I can control the Splenda so it doesn't taste so bad - the Crystal Lights tase horrid to me now.

I still enjoy the Champion Pure Whey Stack Chocolate, and am getting those in.  I haven't started any of the vitamins yet, but I tried one of the chewables last week and it made me sooo nauseous.  Not sure how I'm going to get those down.

My follow up with Dr. Crookes is Monday, so hopefully I'll get a thumbs up from him then. 

Overall, I am loving my DS, and just cruising along.  Only 4 more pounds to 25% EWL!

Aimee :)


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