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"Dr. Crookes is extremely competent, capable, and warm. However, he does not automatically allow anyone to have the DS. He will interview you and determine what your expectations and goals are, as well as your comorbilities to determine if the DS is really appropriate. He told me that he was moving away from doing the DS, and really only does it when the patient is clearly committed, has specific comorbidities that would be resolved with a DS vs. the RNY, and has realistic expectations of the surgery. His main complaint was people seeking the DS, according to him, believe that they will be able to eat everything they want - while that certainly it is the case with a percentage of people, others will have food sensitivities and will have reactions similar to the RNY. He said that there is a much greater risk of small bowel obstruction with DS which is life threatening.rnrnHe did say that he will always be available for follow up. He said, I'll never abandon you. What an amazing man. "
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