2nd surgery Inner thigh lift

May 16, 2014

Well I made it through with the 2nd PS and had my inner thigh lift done.  The surgeons did an awesome job.  He wanted me to stay overnight to make sure all went well.  The next am I was ready to leave but, the hematologist said my hemoglobin was low.  Rather than get me going on iron they did more labs to see if it was low enough to infuse me.  Half a day letter they said it was one number off from infusion so I got a pill after waiting another half day.  Than they waited another day to redraw and see if it worked.  Than another half day to get results back.  So I ended up in the hospital four days.

During this time they wouldn't let me have my stool softeners.  I found out after it was because the surgeon didn't want me to potty in the hospital and get stool on the incision.  What the heck if I went home same day they wouldn't have withheld my stool softeners, which I have needed since sleeve, just one a day.  So I get home blocked up and nothing works.  Six days later I had the DH give me a Ducolax suppository which always works.  This time I was so impacted it just got things going and I couldn't pass it.  It was like getting the babies head coming out and being told to stop.  I finally got things out but, in doing so I must have torn something loose.

So by keeping me in the hospital "overnight" I ended up with a hematoma in my right thigh.  The PS drama continues.  Two weeks out I started discharging from the incision...


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