Almost 6 months :)

Aug 06, 2010

I am 22 weeks pregnant and I am feeling thepregnancy now lol.  I have received many compliments  as my waistline begin to expand and I know I feel as good as I do because I'm not 299 lbs trying to do this. I look how I've always wanted to look when I became pregnant like a thin woman with a belly  I kept sayin I was going to get me some breast this year and God agreed and gave me these C's to lug around for a while. I honestly feel good pregnant in my skin since I don't feel droopy and saggy.  My breast are filling out and the skin on my stomach is inflating as if there is a purpose for it being there.

We found out a couple of weeks ago that sweet pea is a girl! I'm excited that I get to parent a beautiful black girl into a woman and if her doing flips and poking me is any indiciation she is just as fiesty as her momma. So I look forward to telling her how beautiful she is and boosting her esteem until she can enhnace it and take it and be comfortable in knowing that momma and daddy will love her in spite of despite her faultsand mistakes just for being her. I look forward to her daddy showing her how every man she allows in her should treat her and adore her not for what she can offer but for what her simple presence adds to their life.
I know what hearing you're cute but...does to a little girl or how you need to stop eating so much will break a little girls confidence. I will teach her to enjoy food- not fear it, or depend on it for comfort or friendship. To enjoy being active in an activity that she loves to keep her moving and fit. And to LOVE her body with all her kinky hair, her dark skin,her curves (or if she like her momma lack of) but to know she is the ONE and ONLY gift that God gave the world to serve her purpose for Him.

I NEVER thought I could love anyone or anything as much as I love this little girl already and each day she grows I amazingly find more love to give her.
I can not wait to meet her.


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