Admit It, You Drink Diet Soda!

Nov 11, 2013

I'm participating in the National Health Blog Post Month on my blog and I thought I'd share  this entry.

Day 9:  Just admit it!

It’s taboo. Write about something that people do but don’t like to talk about or won’t admit to doing.

With a STRAW!
With a STRAW!

Nothing stirs up debate within the weight loss surgery community like a discussion about drinking diet soda. Rumors and scare tactics surround  the consumption of carbonated beverages from being the cause of regain to causing pouches to explode. Surgeons' post-op protocols vary on whether or not weight loss surgery patients should consume diet soda. Some surgeons say NEVER, some say whenever as long as the bubbles don't bother you.

My surgeon's protocol was the latter, actually my nutritionist's recommendation was I could try diet soda, and if it didn't bother my stomach I could have it in moderation. So I did, and I do drink diet soda. The moderation not so much.

My name is Sarah and I'm addicted to Diet Mtn Dew.

There I said it. I admit it. I do not deny I drink diet soda. It is probably my one unhealthy habit. I do not drink alcohol, I do not smoke, let me have my diet soda!

I'm not the only one. Yes, I do know many post-ops who have forever given up their bubbly soda. Kudos to you. You are stronger than I, although I'm sure there is something you enjoy, and enjoy probably a bit more than you should. Don't we all have something we over indulge in?

Drinking diet soda is so taboo that many post-ops hide their drinking. Which is odd in a community that so opening partakes in drinking alcohol. At an event a few years ago I actually had a fellow post-op question why I was drinking Diet Coke, when I should be well aware of it's relation to regain. He was drinking bourbon or whiskey on the rocks. Really?

It's interesting watching fellow post-ops "hide" their diet sodas at events. I've seen it poured into cups to hide, or taken in grocery bags  to rooms for private consumption. As if there is an "image" to uphold and we must not let others see us being real humans who drink diet soda. When I attend events I drink my diet soda straight from the original bottle or can, and in public. It's interesting to see others reaction, I was even asked "where I got the contraband?" Seriously, it's diet soda, not crack. Are we not adults capable of making our own choices?

It could be worse, it could be regular soda. Right? I know, the studies say..............

But there are so many chemicals. Excuse me but take a look at the ingredient list on your protein shake.

So let's be real each other, we are humans, we are not perfect...actually I have a confession to make. The other day I mentioned that I took a couple Advil for pain in my legs. I was asked if I ate something with them since NSAIDS are also a supposed "no - no" in the WLS world. I assured the person I take proper precautions, as I also take a daily aspirin for medical reasons.

The truth is yes, I ate something...I washed the Advil down with Diet Mtn Dew and two cookies.

So tell me, do you drink diet soda? Energy drink?



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