13 Months Post Op

Sep 16, 2014

Well - it's been a rough Summer, weight wise.  In May, I weighed 112 lbs and actually liked that weight, although most of my family told me that I was too thin.  I think we get this because we lose so fast.  Anyway, I started introducing old habits, especially sugar and whites, and now I am at 127lbs.  I am still working out, but the weight is definitely scaring me.  I am starting therapy to get my head around previous eating disorder issues I had that I feel may be creeping back into my life, as well as try to get comfortable with some of this weight, but also to try to get back on my Protein First plan.  I feel so much better eating on Plan, but trying to get off the carbs is really hard.

I don't weigh or measure my food much anymore, I can usually eyeball my amounts, but I do still log my intake using MFP.  I weigh myself a few times a week.  I tried the every day route, but each ounce freaks me out, so I weigh about 3-4 times a week.  I still exercise about 5 times a week - I walk on the treadmill, do some light weightlifiting, and always get my 10k steps a day in.  

I am going to Cabo San Lucas in early November, so I am going to commit to getting back on Plan to try to lose a few of these gained pounds.

Until next month, when I hope that I have better news on the weight front...


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