Down 60 pounds in 6 weeks!

Oct 30, 2021

This has been so great that I wonder when I am going to wake up and realize I am dreaming.  Sure, there are significant difficulties trying to get used to my new "system", but as I see those pounds peel off, it is super-rewarding.  And, as we all understand, the weight loss has slowed significantly.  On most days, I still see a half-pound coming off.  That's great.

Biggest problem right now - As I am moving into a somewhat more flexible post-op diet, I have not been as good about measuring.  That has resulted in three times of eating more than my allotted 4 oz meal sizes.  Also, red meat - fuggetaboutit!  Cramps, bathroom issues in the next AM.  So I am settling down with Chicken, TV dinners (only the allowed parts of it, eggs (scrambled with veggies), etc.  It's been good.  I've got no complaints!

I am officially in a size 38 pant down from a 44.  That's a great reward.  And wearing a size "L" sweater today.  I was up to some number of XX's before the "L".  It was getting so bad, I don't even want to mention how many X's.

Right now, I am feeling confident that this BPD/DS is going to get me to the size I want.