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Dmitri Baranov Bariatric Surgeon MD, PhD, FACS, FASMBS, DABOM

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100% Practice is Bariatrics

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205 Reviews for Dmitri Baranov
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Dr. Baranov’s program came highly recommended and I have not been disappointed! Care and attention to detail have been superlative, and his team is available to help with all steps in the process. The surgical experience was so much better than I expected and the aftercare has been manageable and fairly easy to follow.

Side note… the psychiatric evaluation and clearance part of the process pre-surgery has connected me with a therapist that I’m really happy with and intend to utilize going forward… so grateful for all the support of Dr. Baranov’s team- truly high quality!

May 29, 2023


I just had my gastric bypass 5/10/2023. I started my journey in Feb of 2023 weighing in at 271 the day of surgery I was 235. I did a lot of research before finding the right doc. I choose Dr Baranov and I’m so glad I did him and his group are amazing. Always there to help and answer questions so happy with my choice of doc and having the surgery. Can’t wait to see my process in the next few months. I definitely recommend Dr Baranov

May 16, 2023


Doctor Baranov and his entire staff are an amazing team.
From the moment I walk through the door, they made me feel like a healthier lifestyle became everyone's priority. They never talked down to me or made me feel bad about my weight. On the contrary, they made me feel very comfortable to talk to them. I started on medication and later switched gears to surgery. I never felt pressured or unheard with any concerns or questions. When my insurance company gave me a difficult time, Heather and Dr Baranov supported me and the insurance company to straighten the issues out. I am thrilled that we all stay Dr Barnovs patients forever. This is not a bad quality- he is a tad of a perfectionist, so you don't doubt his ability and commitment to excellents for one moment. And that makes it all the better when we succeed.
This group is thorough, professional, and caring. If you are looking for any support with weight loss there is no other place that could ever support you the way this office does. Every I was dotted and every T was crossed.
It's life changing.

May 1, 2023


Was taken care of very good

April 2, 2023


I went to Dr Baranov with problems with my lapband. He immediately agreed the lapband had to come out. I had 8 years of problems with the lapband and he knew the first time I saw him that I needed it out. I felt so relieved that I finally found a surgeon to remove my lapband. My first surgeon just kept telling me their was nothing wrong with it. I followed his pre op diet and other requirements. And got my revision from lapband to gastric bypass. Everything went smooth during surgery and after. Dr. Baranov explains everything before and after surgery so you understand it well. He is very educated in bariatric surgery. Dr. Baranov and his team care about their patients and their success. He called after my revision surgery to make sure I was doing well. His staff are friendly and have good communication with the patients and with Dr Baranov. I am very pleased to have him as a surgeon and would recommend him to family and friends.

Feb. 5, 2023


I have been seeing Dr Baranov since may and it has been life saving. Him and his staff made sure I understood and followed all rules. After 25 years of smoking and many attempts to quit his team got me to stop cold turkey in August I am two weeks after surgery have lost 15 lbs and have felt that I am still on the important list. Calls at home to ensure I'm doing good. If your thinking about doing this and are ready for a new life this is the man to see

Feb. 2, 2023


I am almost three years post Gastric Bypass, which Dr. Dmitri Baranov.
From day one I have never felt like just a patient by Dr. Baranov or even his staff, your success was their goal and would give you all the tools you needed to be successful.
I have gone from 248 pounds to now 165 pounds. I am able to sit on the floor with my grand children and play with them, I’m able to do everyday chores with out being out of breath because of the weight I was caring around, BUT the best thing, for me, was the day I was able to cross my legs like a woman and not a man.
You will go through so many emotions during this journey, embrace them all and know that this is a great new beginning of a new you.

Jan. 30, 2023


Today is my Surgiversary!! 1 years ago today I was given the tool to lose over 100lbs and gain my life back. In that time, I have lived, learned and loved myself more and more. Dr B and staff have been beyond amazing! Without their support and encouragement, I am not sure I would be where I am today. On this day, I stood proudly on the scale knowing that if I follow his successful tips, I will never be ashamed of getting on that scale! Thank you for making today such a memorable day for me.

Jan. 19, 2023


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I had the pleasure of working with Dr B and his wonderful staff recently when I decided to make a life change. I attended a webinar which led me into the office asking more questions which led me to feeling like the new person I feel today. I could not have asked for a better experience. Dr B is wonderful. He really listens to your concerns, and answers any questions you may have. The process is flawless. From the check in ladies to the PA’s, Nurses and Nutrition staff, I could not have felt in better hands. I cannot forget about Dr B’s scheduler who worked magic during COVID to make sure surgeries were still happening and keeping to the mandates. She was amazing to work with. She had everything all written down in an easy to read sheet with everything you needed to know. They left minimal things for me to have to worry about. His office is ran like a well oiled machine. If you are having any thoughts of doing this, I suggest attending the webinar. You won’t be sorry you did.

I am 1 week post-op and feeling amazing. I walk everyday and do all of the things I was before but with more energy. I have used Tylenol once since being home and that was for a headache. I felt good the day I left the hospital. It was a very easy surgery and recovery has been simple. Follow Dr B green sheet and you can’t go wrong. Sip, sip, sip… walk, walk , walk. My only regret during this process was being afraid of the word surgery and not taking the time to educate myself sooner.


I had my surgery RNY gastric bypass on 1/4/23 Doctor Baranov is a really good surgeon and I'm happy he is the one who done my surgery . I know surgery is scary but that is with any surgery all surgery has risk . But you should put the risk aside and do what is best for your health and I'm happy I did that .

Jan. 8, 2023


I highly recommend Dr Baranov. I just had surgery and honestly I’m surprised by how well I feel. It’s been only a little over a week and I am moving around really well, I’m not in any pain, I’m doing well on the liquid diet and I’m am not even hungry! I’m shocked! AND I’ve lost 15 pounds! The whole process from the time I made the decision to do this to now has been a great experience. Dr Baranov is very particular about making sure you are ready to have the surgery, having a team of nutritionist checking in with you and going through physiological reviews to make sure you are ready, to the different medical test, I walked into the surgery with confidence that everything would go well. And it has. Thank you I feel like I’ve made the best decision of my life by having this done.

Dec. 19, 2022

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