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Dmitri Baranov Bariatric Surgeon MD, PhD, FACS, FASMBS, DABOM

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Let me start by saying that Dr. Baranov is beginning a new bariatric program in the Saratoga Springs area but by no means is he new to the bariatric specialty. He came into the Saratoga area last year to build a ground up program that never existed before. I was fortunate enough to be one of his first patients in this new practice and so far my expectations have far exceeded what I had imagined. At the time of writing this I have hit my 3 month mark post operatively. I had the Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass procedure done with Dr. Baranov at Saratoga Hospital. In 3 months I have lost 130 pounds and lost over 50% of my excess body weight. From my initial consultation up to today my experience has been nothing but outstanding. The office staff at Dr. Baranov’s office was compassionate, understanding, and patient with me as I worked to lose some weight prior to surgery. They have always been courteous and I never once felt like I was ever judged or made to feel bad or that I was a failure. The Saratoga Hospital staff was also amazing during the day of my procedure through me being discharged; every person I came in contact with was pleasant and more than helpful. For my review of Dr. Baranov I can promise you there is not enough space on this review panel to truly say how thankful I am for him and how amazing of a doctor he truly his. When I first went to see him to discuss options we spent more than hour talking about my lifestyle, the surgical options, his recommendations, and the steps needed to be successfully post-op and for the rest of my life. Immediately after talking with Dr. Baranov I started to feel comfortable. Every possible question I could come up with was answered with honesty and explained in a way that I could understand. I never feel rushed or like I was simply another number to him but I was truly an individual with individual needs that he made sure were met or exceeded in every aspect. One of the most comforting things I have taken away from my experience with Dr. Baranov is I now have a doctor who will do whatever it takes to ensure that my health and wellbeing are put first. Dr. Baranov and his staff have stepped up to the plate to ensure my pre-op requirements were all met, they fought my insurance company to make sure everything was covered, they even had a CPAP machine delivered to my hospital room the day I was discharged because he was so concerned about my sleep apnea that he would not let me go unless I had a machine at home. So what happens after discharge, well the ongoing care never ends, I have called the office with questions and spoke to someone who could answer them right there without even calling me back. I have had Dr. Baranov call my home during my recovery to ensure I was doing ok and following the eating and drinking rules he lays out for a successful recovery. I truly implore anyone who is debating weight loss surgery and is in the Saratoga Springs region to call his office and set an appointment, you will not be disappointed with the level of care you receive. Dr. Baranov and his bariatric team are no longer my health care providers but I truly think of them as part of my family now and am so grateful to all of them for truly saving my life.

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I met Dr. Baranov at an informational session on bariatric surgery. I knew immediately he was the doctor for me. His knowledge and explaining of the subject left a great first impression. When I met individually with him he answered any question I had. He explained the surgery and what I had to do in preparation for it. His office staff always answered any questions I had. They returned my calls promptly. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone thinking of this surgery. He is articulate and makes sure he knows you and your medical history well. I felt reassured with him every step of the way. He is well organized with aftercare. I had no pain after the surgery. I felt so good it was hard to believe I had the surgery. He is a true asset to anyone contemplating the surgery.

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Dr. Baranov and his entire staff are awesome showing compassion and caring for each patient. From the info session to surgery, I had the vertical sleeve gastrectomy, to post op care the bariatric team was easily accessible. Dr Baranov is an excellent surgeon. He told me that I would only need Tylenol for pain control at home. I was skeptical but it was true in fact I needed nothing. He calls patients on the weekend after discharge to make sure there are no problems. I would recommend Dr Baranov to everyone who is considering bariatric surgery. I have had my vertical sleeve gastrectomy and well on my way to a successful bariatric surgery. I can't say enough about the entire team- Awesome

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Dr. Baranov is an amazing surgeon. He was very easy to talk to, and ensures that you have an understanding of all three procedures, so you can make the best choice for you. He cares about his patients and will do all he can to help you to succeed. There was never a time when consulting with him that he made me feel insecure or ashamed of being overweight. My surgery went smooth sailing. I had no complications. I am three months out and have absolutely no regrets. Dr. Baranov, himself, even called me at HOME on a WEEKEND to make sure I was still doing well post discharge. I would recommend Dr. Baranov to anyone who is considering weightloss surgery. His attention to detail and support is greatly appreciated!

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I was very impressed with Dr. Baranov, he was very easy to talk to and answered each question so that I could understand exactly what was going to happen, and he followed every answer with "and I'll tell you why" while never making me feel uncomfortable asking any question. I was more impressed with him with each visit he was always friendly and very supportive. One of the most important things about Dr. Baranov is that he never once made me feel bad about being obese which made a difficult emotional process that much easier.

Prior to my discharge from the hospital he gave me a verbal quiz on what the most important things were again emphasizing the importance of following the after care protocol.

I would rate Dr. Baranov as an excellent surgeon.

In this particular doctors case you really don't sacrifice on either surgical competence or bedside manner as he performs both with ease.

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