19 Weeks Post Op, down 89.4 Lbs

Jun 14, 2017

Another week has gone by in a flash; it amazes me how fast time goes by now!

Today is my weigh in day and I was happy to step on the scale and see 214.6.  I'm down 2.4 Lbs since last week, for a total of 89.4 Lbs.

I've been busting my butt working out this week; I managed 6 out of 7 days, and only missed one day due to (TMI) super bad cramps courtesy of hormones, aka shark week (I'd never heard "that time" called shark week until I joined the weight loss community, but how apt, lol). 

I swam laps for an hour in a very cold pool today (the heater is broken again), and yesterday I rode my bike for over 21 and a half kilometers. It was super hot and humid, but there was a nice breeze coming off the river.

Here area  few photos from yesterday's ride: 

It was a glorious day and I had a blast.  I sat at Topsail Island, an off leash portion of the park, and was greeted by so many friendly dogs, which made my day, as I LOVE dogs and miss mine very much. 

I ended up sitting at a picnic table under a shady tree for about an hour, reading and sipping on G2, which both my doctor and pharmacist recommend I drink when bike riding to help combat my dizziness and light headedness.  It helped and I was fine for the whole ride, but when I got home and climbed up the stairs, I got so dizzy I had to lie down.  My blood pressure has been optimal so I don't know what the problem could be.  

I pledged to ride 100 km in the month of June and I've already done 80 km so far for the month, so I won't have any trouble meeting my goal.  That feels great!

My biggest NSV was shopping.  I am in an XL, in both tops and pants, but this week some XL tops were too big!  I was able to buy one top in a size Large.  I was in tears in the change room, I was so happy, lol.  

I'm having an Italian sausage for supper and hope it will be OK. It's pretty hot and spicy.  It's my first time having one.  They're from the butcher shop and not too fatty, so hopefully my pouch will be OK with it.  It tastes wonderful.

Have a nice week everyone!


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