Before and After VSG with dayna82

Before & After VSG with Dayna – 170 Pounds Lost!

September 6, 2016

Celebrating Dayna's Before & After VSG Journey!

I have struggled with being overweight since I was a child. I had never fit into regular clothes. I had tried all kinds of diets with my mother. My mother supported me by trying the diets that I did. Nothing ever worked, or it was temporary.

After 15 years of struggling with my weight, I decided to seek out a healthy, effective way to lose weight. I conducted research on weight loss surgery and chose Dr. Scott Shikora.

Before & After VSG

OH Username: Dayna82
Weight Loss Total: 170 pounds
Surgery Type: Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (VSG)
Date of Surgery: 1/14/14
Surgeon's Name: Dr. Scott Shikora 

Dr. Shikora's team saved my life! My husband and I had been trying to have children for over 10 years and finally nine months out of surgery I was blessed with being pregnant. My pregnancy was monitored, and I had a beautiful healthy boy named Noah. Without having my surgery and becoming healthy, Noah wouldn’t be here today.

I do not regret having weight loss surgery. It was the best thing I've ever done. I have inspired many other people that have had weight loss surgery too.

Before I had surgery, I weighed 348 pounds. In December 2014, I weighed only 178 pounds. After having my son six months ago, I weigh 224 pounds. I'm now back on track and working on returning to my pre-pregnancy weight. Pre-op, I was a size 24-28, and now I am a size 14-16. The smallest size I've worn was a 12 in 2014.

I am the happiest I have been in FOREVER. Dr. Shikora and his team are the best and are life changers/miracle workers.

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A Special Milestone

In the Summer of 2014, I was able to go down a water slide. I cried going down because I was able to do it. I haven’t been able to do that in 10 years.

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