Before & After VSG with Miguel

Before & After VSG with Miguel, down 91 pounds!

July 21, 2020

Before & After VSG with Miguel!

Why I Decided to Have WLS

Before & After VSG with Miguel: My decision to have weight loss surgery was to regain my health. I had lost the desire to exercise and my weight would not come off as it would in my earlier days.  

My usual routine after work was coming home; eating out at dinner then lying on the couch until it was time for bed. I work in the customer service field and have face-to-face interactions and was not wanting to be the “little fat guy that came to visit” with our company. 

My turning point was a caricature of our entire team was done by an artist at the call center. My picture was drawn as a ballooned cheek guy which you could barely see his eyes due to the fullness in his cheeks. It made me realize that this was the way I was perceived and I had finally made the decision to change it.

The first time I was introduced to the idea of bariatric surgery, my peers spoke to me about their experience and the difference it had made for them.

Their positive experiences sparked my interest enough to go in to see my doctor and start asking questions. Prior to surgery, I was in the habit of needing my daily caffeine routine, drinking sodas (sometimes up to five a day) and at the time this is a habit that I was not ready to consider giving up. A year later after completely stopping caffeinated drinks, I knew it was time to get ahold of what was making me lose my confidence which was my constant struggle with my weight.  

 Before & After VSG with Miguel

Name: Miguel
Total Weight Loss: 91 lbs.
Surgery type:  VSG
Surgery Date:  02/18/2019
Surgeon:  Dr. Brian Long

My Surgery and Post-Op Life: Before & After VSG with Miguel

My decision to have the gastric sleeve surgery (as opposed to the other procedures) was because of the personal experiences shared by my co-workers who have had the same type of surgery with fantastic results. My peers provided the necessary support to answer any questions based on their personal experiences, I thank them for that. One of my peers had even had his extra skin removed since losing the weight over two years ago. This was a great motivator!   

Mourning food: Yes! My favorite food was pizza! Who doesn’t love a big cheesy slice of pepperoni pizza?  And, who’s going to want just one slice?  Bread is another very big “no-no” and my bariatric surgery provider advises against that once you have the surgery. No more bread? Olive Garden breadsticks, goodbye!? 

When eating out in social situations, one must make the right choices and stay away from fried foods going forward. My special milestone is achieving my weight loss goal weight in less than a year’s time! It is not an easy task and takes a lot of dedication and desire. You have to watch the type of foods you eat and make time for exercise.

I’d really like to thank my dietician since she has supported me every step of the way. Leading up to the surgery, she provided a lot of helpful information on foods to avoid and foods that were best after surgery. 

I heard stories of patients cheating during the time period of a liquid diet after having the surgery. It is critical that you do as your doctor advises and that you stick to the recommended plan otherwise you are placing yourself in danger, both mentally and physically.  The Nicholson Clinic requires routine check-ups where you are seen at certain intervals throughout your journey so they can monitor your progress. They are very detailed in making sure your vitamin/blood levels are where they should be and keeping you healthy after surgery.

The staff at Nicholson Clinic are very supportive and made my journey to regain my health a positive success! I always felt the team at Nicholson had my best interests at heart which was to help me feel good about myself.  The doctors are very skilled and help to guide you in the type of surgery that would offer you the most benefit.

I will admit that the hardest part for me was the liquid diet you must adhere to right after surgery. I struggled a bit finding the right protein that not only did I like but that contained the essential protein amounts recommended. It was the part I struggled with the most was being able to find products through trial and error. I discovered a protein shake/product rich enough in nutrients and pleasing to drink.   

Special Milestones & Non-Scale Victories

I feel so much better overall, I no longer get winded walking up a flight of stairs and I enjoy being outdoors. The walking and run part of it keeps the heart rate up. I have the desire to get up and go now, and no longer feel like I am strained if I have to bend over after accidentally dropping something to pick it back up.

Before & After VSG with Miguel

We recently purchased a new RV and will be taking more road trips!  I enjoy traveling and am no longer reluctant to pose for pictures when someone says “Let’s take a picture”! I am thankful for my new lease on life, opening new chapters, and for me to be feeling better, living healthier, and keeping the weight off!  I no longer see myself as the little chunky guy in old pictures and now can say I am living and loving life!

You must make a conscious effort daily in order to keep what you have worked so hard for.  My attitude towards people and the way I look at my own life has changed for the better.

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