OH2019 After Party 2

OH2019 After Party & Fashion Show: a Celebration of Bariatric Surgery Success!

October 30, 2019

OH2019 After Party - An Evening of Inspiration & Support

On Saturday evening at the 2019 ObesityHelp National Conference,  we rolled out the Red Carpet for all of the attendees. They pulled out the glitz and glamour as they walked the Red Carpet in their favorite evening fashions! During the After Party, there was also a jaw-dropping inspirational Fashion Show, giveaways, dancing, and a Premier Protein® Coffee Bar.

Our deep heartfelt appreciation goes out to Platinum Sponsor, Premier Protein®, for their support of the bariatric surgery community and sponsorship of the After Party and Fashion Show. They have been a part of the ObesityHelp National Conferences since 2012, and a Platinum Sponsor since 2015!

The Red Carpet makes you feel like a diamond amongst other precious jewels. Everyone just shines! - Lisa Marie Thomas, 2019 Attendee

After Party Giveaways

The After Party giveaways were amazing. Premier Protein® provided a huge giveaway bundle that was won by Brenda, the ObesityHelp Grand Prize Giveaway Basket was won by Kathleen, and the Photo Scavenger Hunt prize went to Deb!

#OH2019 After Party and Fashion Show winners

Premier Protein® Coffee Bar

During the After Party, Premier Protein® showcased their delicious Pumpkin Spice and Caramel shakes to make refreshments for the attendees! There was a Caramel Cold Brew Coffee with Sea Salt Foam and a Pumpkin Spice Latte. Everyone loved the coffee bar!

A huge thank you goes out to volunteers Julie Gyurina and Kristin Stevens for mixing up the drinks and managing the coffee bar!

Red Carpet  & Photo Booth Keepsakes

Friendships and memories are made at the ObesityHelp National Conference and we love to do our best to capture those moments. This year during the After Party, while walking the Red Carpet, photos were taken of the attendees in their evening attire. There was also a photo booth where they could get together and have fun posing for the camera! Photos were printed right at the conference so they could have a keepsake to take home with them.

OH2019 After Party

The OH2019 Conference was awesome! It was my first time attending and I definitely hope to make it to next year's event. It was such a wonderful experience to see a community of individuals come together as not only a group but as a family. I had the experience of walking down the red carpet and runway, the amount of support we all received was amazing. I’ve never felt so confident!
- Caitlin Petellis, 2019 Attendee

49 Fashion Show Models with 7,397 Total Pounds Lost!

One of our favorite ways to celebrate each year at the ObesityHelp National Conference is the Fashion Show! At the 2019 Fashion Show, 49 models took to the runway to share their non-scale victories, improved health, and bariatric surgery success. Among the models, there were 7,397 total pounds lost!

Each model was announced onto the runway by Co-Hosts Lauren & Yelena, while Dave Gyurina, Scott Gyurina, and Rusty Martinez served as escorts to the models, helping them safely enter and exit the stage. As each model takes to the runway to proudly walk in their favorite fashions, a slideshow ran by Yan Kravchenko played in the background that shares the model's bariatric surgery details including their surgery type and date, surgeon name, weight loss, as well as their favorite non-scale victories. Thank you to all of the models and everyone that helped make the Fashion Show run smoothly!

For both the models and audience, it was inspirational, and an experience of a lifetime. Get ready to be inspired as you check out the OH2019 Fashion Show Photo Gallery, Slideshow, and Video!

OH2019 After Party

Seeing everyone dressed up is so meaningful. It’s emotional to watch each fashion show model step on that stage and share their journey because we can ultimately relate: we either can’t wait to be where they are, have been there already, or are supporting someone just like them!
- Yelena Kibasova, 2019 Co-Host


Thank you, ObesityHelp, for the opportunity to sponsor an amazing conference! The enthusiasm and stories shared at the fashion show were truly inspiring. The ObesityHelp staff has done a great job at building a supportive bariatric community, and we loved being able to meet everyone. We can’t wait until next year! - Alicia Ponzani, Associate Brand Manager, Premier Protein®


A few of the Fashion Show Models describe their experience!

Standing behind the curtain of the Fashion Show, waiting for my name to be called sent shivers down my spine as my tummy flip-flopped. I was scared, nervous, and excited! When I stepped up on the runway, I saw my husband smiling bigger than ever. All of a sudden, this feeling of accomplishment came over me, and I felt like I was the princess everyone was there to see. Since the Fashion Show, I can look in the mirror and see the new beautiful me. OH2019 gave me a new perspective on my life, and I am thankful I was able to go. - Tammy Coffman, OH2019 Model

It felt good to not only showcase how far I have come in my weight loss journey but to also reconnect with my fashion show diva side. I can’t wait until next year’s conference! - Tamara Price, OH2019 Model

Being part of the fashion show had many different effects on me. It was "dream like", meaning it felt so unreal to think that I was in a fashion show. It was exhilarating because of the nerves and adrenaline, and that I was surrounded by so many wonderful people with such great stories to tell about their journeys. Having a chance to calm the nerves and emotions of the ladies around me helped me with my own nerves. That made me feel part of the same community. Knowing that this a life changing journey and we are not an island that we need support system to help us with the challenges to get us through! - Mike Bourque, OH2019 Model

Ultimately, me walking unassisted was HUGE! Even at the very last moment, I wasn’t sure if I had it in me to do it, but I knew that I had so much support and love behind me which gave me the push to walk! - Karen Mahoney, Walked the Runway without the assistance of her cane or someone by her side for the 1st time since the 2016 ObesityHelp National Conference.

2019 ObesityHelp National Conference
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