vitalady call very upsetting

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Sorry you had the bad experience with her.  I am not a customer of theirs - for no particular reason.  I have talked with many about the vitamins and it really doesn't have to be that hard.  I can tell you what I have done and please let me say I am only about 4 months out.

The good news is that the lack of vitamins we need gives us plenty of warning.  It isn't so bad that if we miss a pill for a couple days or even longer we will just fall over dead.  Monitoring is the key.  I started with where my surgeon said to start and I am being followed up by another DS surgeon's office because of where I live (traveled to have surgery due to self pay).  These two surgeons were not far apart in what they recommended.  At 3 months had blood tests and that indicated that all was pretty good.  Needed some iron so I added that.  It was just a little low.  Will continue from there.

It doesn't have to involve earning a degree in anything or spending days and weeks worrying over it.  Follow the plan you choose and do the blood tests and adjust.  Now I will say again I am not an "expert" in vitamins and/or nutrition.  So this is all just my opinion but just as valid as many opinions.  If you had a bad experience with VitaLady you don't have to do business with her.  There are many places to get the supplements.  Find one you like with good quality and service.

Don't get down on the DS because of this one experience.  It is not that hard.  It is important, very important to get the nutrition that we need.  Just monitor and adjust.  

Good luck and I can tell you are trying hard.  This would not have affected you so deeply if you didn't care.  Don't let a bad day or a bad experience throw you for a loop.  Catch yourself and keep on plugging along.  I will be praying for you.


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I'm sorry you had such a bad experience. Here are the 2 links that might help. One is for chewables that you might want to do in the early days and the other is the DS schedule.

Many surgeon's offices don't have a good vitamin plan to follow, don't feel too bad about that. Chalk the other up to her trying to multitask when she had way too much going on at once. I'm sorry though.

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You want to take Colorado Biolabs Proferrin and/or 60mg capsule of carbonyl iron with C (5 capsules of the latter) if you're after tablets.  The carbonyl (AKA Tender Iron) gave me cramps.  You can't get Proferrin in the UK so hopefully someone else can chime in.

I take liquid ferrous furmarate 560mg but that's full of sugar and stains your teeth (liquid is easier on the stomach).  Otherwise infusions are the way to go (I'm hoping to get referred for those in the next few months).

If you don't get much response on this thread you may want start one on iron.

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Ok, it appears you've gotten all kinds of answers to your question of what to order from other posters, so why didn't you just ask here first? I think it's rather bold to think that a retailer is OBLIGATED to tell you what to buy. Granted, she graciously does this, although she DOES NOT HAVE TO. She doesn't charge people for her time, and half of them get advice from her and then go buy it on Amazon - how fair is that? You PAID for your surgeons program - so use it. You get Vitalady's advice free (which is also better advice than your surgeon's likely is), and you complain because she didn't serve you in the way you think you deserve? She is a President and owner of a company - how many of them take calls to advise what to buy of their products? Have you tried calling, let alone gotten through to, the president of any other companies?

You maybe didn't sign up to be a chemist or pharmacist, but she didn't start her business to be a medical advisor - she's a retailer. The rest she does because she's a kind and helpful person.

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I'm sorry you felt that it was wrong...but she is a busy lady trying to run a retail business AND keep on top of her own (NON-WLS related) health issues.

Had you asked here first as to what to use, you would have gotten help here. Gina (majormom) has the links to her list and so do I.

And while not being a chemist or a pharmacist, you really need to know why you have to take something that affects your health. For the vast majority of us, following our surgeon's/staff advice is the same as slowly committing suicide...your surgeon is a cutter, not a nutritionist.

And I saw your surgery listed as a VSG...was it revised to a DS?


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I've never had a bad experience with vitalady.  In fact, she's been very helpful to me anytime I asked her questions or for help.  She's called me before after e-mailing back and forth to be sure I'm ok and that all my questions were answered.  I was absolutely grateful for that call and never expected to receive it.   What busy business owner goes above and beyond like that?

I'm sorry you were upset.  Is it possible you caught her at a a bad time?  Maybe you took her tone incorrectly?  I'm not sure what happened.....however, it is very important that you understand your vitamin needs, your health depends on it.  If your surgeon is anything like the majority he is a cutter and knows little to nothing about supplementing.  If I had listened to my surgeon on what to take I probably would be in a heap of trouble today.

Now my suggestion is if you don't have copies of your labs get copies.  Prepare a spreadsheet and look at trends and ask questions on OH and other message boards (you may participate in).....there is a wealth of information available to be shared from others that have been there, done that.

Good luck!

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Spread sheet, what is that and how in the heck to you do that?

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I'm sorry you had that experience.  I'm not sure she's well.


But nevertheless not a way to run a business or speak with a customer.


I follow her plan but get my advice from Major Mom (Gina).   You might ask her if she will help you.  She has always been there to help me.  With every labs she advises me as I have no one else who can.


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