on 8/2/12 11:30 am - MN
Hi all-
I LOVE WEIGHT LIFTING....but have gotten away from it.I am wondering if anyone has a routine they do everyday.
Any advise would be awesome....even better someone to make a commitment with and we both check on each other for exercise accountability. Maybe someone is in my area that would want to work out together, personal trainer or teach me.

Look forward to the responses.

Twin cities,Mn
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Kim S.
on 8/2/12 11:06 pm - Helena, AL
I don't do weight training every day, I like to do a bunch of different things.

Boot Camp classes
P90X, P90X+ and P90X2

I do like the P90X weight workouts-sometimes I use the Nautilus machine, but not often-I find it boring.
on 8/2/12 11:06 pm
 Well loving it is more than half the battle!

Do you have access to a trainer who can help you design a program? It can be well worth the money to get good idea of what you can do, how to do it best, and why!

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