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on 12/12/20 10:56 am
Topic: RE: Bariatric vitamins purchased by Canadians

There are so few posts on the Ontario group I thought I would post here.

I'm almost 9 years post op RNY and deficient in pretty much everything. The vitamin schedule the hospital had given me does nothing to increase or maintain my levels. I feel absolutely horrible these days. I've seen a variety of doctors and waiting to see a hematologist to start the ball rolling on a few different infusions. I'm looking to find out where any Canadians are purchasing bariatric vitamins as doubling up on non-bariatric ones are clearly not working. I have picked up the odd item from Shoppers Drug Mart at Toronto Western Hospital and am wondering if there are other places you all use online? How have you found shipping and duty fees?


on 11/17/17 7:17 am
Topic: RE: Dr Aarts

If you post on the Ontario forum you'll likely get more replies.


on 11/9/17 1:24 pm
Topic: RE: Candy Cane Roux Limb

Has anyone had a scope or CT scan reveal a candy cane roux limb? Was there any "fix" other than surgery offered? I've read posts on OH but not much on Canadian forums. I had my surgery over five years ago. I have a CT scan at the end of November but anxious that they may suggest another surgery since my original surgery didn't go smoothly.

thanks in advance for any replies!


on 12/13/16 1:07 pm, edited 12/13/16 5:07 am
Topic: RE: Low Ferritin levels

I had my surgery at TWH as well and at four years out I am deficient across the board. No amount of supplementation seems to be working. I had three iron infusions two years ago and my levels didn't rise. I start my next three infusions in January after complaining to the nurse of being winded walking a flight of stairs. I have felt horrible since having surgery. If I could go back in time I would never have had this surgery. The only thing that has me feel good for a short amount of time are vitamin IV's but at $200 week I can't afford them as often as I'd like. Where did you find iron patches?  




on 6/28/16 9:59 am, edited 6/28/16 3:00 am
Topic: RE: I can't manage the 4 Optifast shakes :(

Pre-op, I could only get 3 of 4 in. I gagged horribly until I found a DaVinci sugar free syrup that could mask the taste and smell. Extracts didn't work for me. I did 3 wks of Opti before surgery. Everything went fine with surgery. I have started back on Opti under a doctors care at four years post op. Funny enough, they taste very similar to the protein shakes I was using post op. I have a 20 lb regain I'm trying to take care of. I never felt energetic after surgery and always thought of food and had such horrible cravings. This is the one benefit I have found using Opti now. I feel like I have much more energy and feel satisfied with the shakes (suppose to do 4 shakes a day with no other food but still only drink 3). Once I hit my weight loss goal we will slowly introduce foods again. Remember - use a cup with a lid that will help block the smell. Super cold water. I used 300ml and about 4 ice cubes. I used a blender to mix it and break up the ice. Add a little flavouring and make sure you drink it while it's still cold. 


Good luck. You can do this!


on 4/19/15 11:46 am
Topic: RE: What's on Your (photo) Friday Menu, RNYers?

Thanks a bunch!


on 4/17/15 2:59 am
Topic: RE: What's on Your (photo) Friday Menu, RNYers?

I love Quest bars. Where did you find a recipe or was it trial and error?  If it's online, can you post a link to it?


on 2/15/15 11:47 am
Topic: RE: ok fellow Ontarians, help finding a decent protein shake

Stop by a supplement store like Popeyes. They let you sample them. 


on 1/15/15 4:15 am, edited 1/15/15 4:16 am
Topic: RE: Anyone have IBS before surgery?

I had post infectious IBS-D for 6 years after a bad bout of Salmonella. Haven't had IBS issues since surgery. 


on 7/31/14 1:06 pm
Topic: RE: Hair Loss a year and a half out from surgery

I'm 2 years out and still losing. I'm just thankful I had a lot of hair to begin with. 


on 3/22/14 2:47 am
Topic: RE: 4 Year Surgiversary (3/22/10-3/22/14)

Congratulations on your success.  What an inspiring post.




on 3/18/14 7:42 am
Topic: RE: Potato Ricer ??

I'll be two years post op in July and I still prefer things in a purée like stage. I use mine for most veggies after they are steamed. 




on 2/6/14 2:46 pm
Topic: RE: Body Media Fit

I've had mine for years.  I got it back when Jenny Craig first introduced them into their program.  I love it.  I've often thought about making the switch to the Fit Bit or similar but love it too much.  What is great about it (and other similar products) is that you can sync it with My Fitness Pal if you use that for tracking what you eat.  I find MFP easier to use than the Body Media Fit one because of the bar code scanner!




on 11/6/13 2:18 am
Topic: RE: Did anyone have their lean body mass/body fat tested prior?

I had a DEXA Scan done the day I started my pre-op diet, 6 months and 12 months post-op. I wanted to have another form of measurement of my success aside from photos and a measuring tape.

I found it to be worth every penny!


on 5/24/13 10:43 am
Topic: RE: Dizzy spells?

My dizziness is often associated with change in posture and sometimes for extended periods of time. My blood pressure has dropped to 90s/50s since surgery. I think the extended periods are caused by a lack of hydration. I'm 10.5 months out and have felt this way since surgery. 


on 12/23/12 1:06 am
Topic: RE: Having a hard time with Optifast

I found the first four days hard but then it got easier. If ts the overall flavour of Optifast, try adding sugar free syrups or extracts and blend it with lots of ice. My centre allowed broth which was a nice change to the sweetness of the shakes. You can do it!


on 11/27/12 10:46 am
Topic: RE: Hey!Anyone have heartburn/reflux before surgery?

I was on prescription meds for 20 years prior to surgery. One week post op and no more heartburn. I'm almost five months out now and still feeling heartburn-free!


on 11/2/12 8:58 pm
Topic: RE: GasX strips

I agree with one of the above posters. I found the strips did absolutely nothing for me but the chewable ones worked well. I can't see why you can't take the chewables. It's not like you are going to swallow pieces of it. Check with your clinic or hospital before you take them. 


on 10/15/12 7:41 am
Topic: RE: 30+minute wait vs. taking meds with food?
 I've been on six different rounds of medication/antibiotics since surgery in July between infections/abcess and colds. With the ones I've taken the "with food" has only been to ease stomach upset and not to aid in their absorption. I wait the 30 minutes after eating to take them. Surely the food I consumed is to a degree, still in my pouch. I haven't felt ill thus far. 

Just to add so there's no confusion as to the effectiveness of the medications since having surgery, I am on a drug for my asthma that suppresses by immune system so healing/colds take a very long time to leave my system...ah, what one does to breathe. LOL


on 10/15/12 3:14 am
Topic: RE: 8 Month Update and Random Question
 I was on accutane on two separate occasions and both times my acne came back within a few months of finishing treatments. Mind you, it was pre RNY. I suffered worse with the side effects than the acne created and still have side effects from it (extremely dry eyes and skin, more prone to severe sunburns that have produce scarring with little exposure) Obviously I have no idea how bad yours is but I'd personally rather deal with the acne than the treatment using accutane.


on 9/23/12 5:32 pm
Topic: RE: Here's how to never waste canned pumpkin again!
I know spice and vanilla would be to each persons liking but was wondering how much you use?


on 8/28/12 11:13 am
Topic: RE: VERY DISCOURAGED..not losing all week since starting solid foods....comments?
I'm 7 weeks today and like you, I started solids in the last week and have experienced my first "stall". Hoping the scale will budge soon.


on 8/24/12 10:13 pm
Topic: RE: Post op infection
I'm 6.5 weeks post op and had an abscess break 8 days post op so around the 18th of July. Had a cultured test taken, CT scan, ultrasound, 3rd round of antibiotics after a second infection developed. I had a nurse come to the house daily for two weeks and now go to a medical clinic for daily packing of the I vision that is still draining! Sure didn't sign up for this.


on 8/17/12 8:30 pm
Topic: RE: Bad things can still happen
I feel your pain!! I am 5.5 weeks post op. The day after surgery pain started to increase. I told the nurses and doctors about it and was told it was because I just had surgery. Yeah, duh!!!!! At eight days post op I went to the hospital and an abscess was discovered/broke from the nurses poking me. Up until then I could barely walk unassisted. Fast forward and I'm still having dressing/packing changed daily by nurses (still draining - 7 cm deep at the start and has only healed .5 cm). Three days ago pain started again and now a new infection has developed in the same incision. Hope your recovery is less eventful than mine!


on 8/8/12 11:37 am
Topic: RE: Four weeks post-op - how many calories?


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