Pants on da ground

Feb 11, 2018

The other day I was walking up the steps again. I remembered what happened last week so i tried to hold onto my pants this time. I had to let go for a min to open the gate and down they went rofl. Im trying not to buy new ones yet until I have to since I know I will be going down sizes a few times. 

This week I have lost weight and inches. I love seeing the difference in my clothes as well as seeing it on the scale and on the measureing tape. Everyone says they see it in my face but I still dont see it unless I turn my head a certain way. Today the scale read 241.  My waist is now 48in, chest 47in, Hips 50.5, Upper Arms 14.75 in, Thigh 26 in, and Neck 15.25 in. Everything has gone down in inches except my arm and hips. 

I found an awsome recipie this week and we tried it. I can only eat about an ounce of it and that wrecks havic on my stomach. It is chicken breast tenderized and stuffed with cream cheese, brocoli, and cheddar cheese. I haven't figured out what is causeing the uneasiness and heavy feeling in my stomach yet. 


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