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Aug 13, 2019

My Dr said he wantted my weight to be lower than 185 but I was not happy with that. So I set my goal as 175. I have been hiking the appalachian trail and so far I have hiked 152.8 Miles Hiked out of 229.6 Miles. I am shotting for hiking all of pennsylvania boarder to boarder. 

When I came home after this last stretch I weighed myself and found out not only did I reach my goal but I passed it. I now weight 173.2 I am so happy. I also found out I can wear size larges and some mediums. I can not remember the last time I could wear clothes that small. So many accomplishments this year. From running, hiking, kyacking, and meeting my Dr.'s goal weight and now meeting my own goal weight. 

For those struggeling, dont give up. It feels so good to finally reach your goals and be able to do what you want to do now. 



Weight: 173.2 lbs, Measurments: Neck 14", Chest 33.5", Waist 36.5", Hips ?", Thighs 23.0", Arms 11.5"

Gastric Bypass RNY Dec. 20 2017 

Sw: 271
My Cw:173.2

Dr. Gw: BMI < 28  

My Gw: 175
Current Overall Weight loss -159.8 lbs.,

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