Mar 11, 2018

Not much has happened last week so i didnt post anything. I have been having trouble with my measurements. Even though my weight is going down my measurements do not reflect that. I have tried to have my husband find a mole or scar or something to use as a guide so he measures the same place each time but for some reason its not working. This week I did my own and everything went down. One measurement went down so far i dont trust it lol. back to the tape again. 

We have figured out that we can not handle anything deep fried. 1st it was the egg rolls. This week we tried chicken tenders. It helped to dip them in ranch. 

We have also started a challenge. I think i lost my exercise partner but im keeping with it even though my legs are about to go on strike. lol 

TMI moments, I have also figured out that if i get on the scale naked I tend to lose 1-2 lbs. So i measure nakie now. Today I weighed in at 231.8 Afterwards I had to go to the bathroom and decided to step on the scale again. I was shocked to find out i lost almost 2lbs lol. 

Weight 230.0, Measurements Neck 15", Chest 45", waist 49", hips 48", thighs 26", arms 14"

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