Medgem and mental health appointments

Jun 13, 2016

So I had my MedGem test first thing this morning. Took about 10 minutes to actually to do the test. I found out the at a resting state of 24 hours I would burn 1780 calories.  So I asked how does this effect what I am doing now. The answer was nothing. I stay at my 1200 calorie intake. 


I didnt have have to wait till 1 for my next appointment.  I got taken into my mental health appointment right away. Thank goodness would have been along day.  

The lady I had I found easy to talk to. Told her my whole life and how I look at life and she was happy. I asked about food issues and I don't have any other then actually eating.  I only ever ate once a day.  She is happy with me and said that she doesn't need to see me again unless I want to. Yippie! 




Met with my Nurse and the Weightloss Doctor

May 12, 2016

I had to be on the road early this morning (5:30am) as I had to get to my ultrasound on my hamstring. I was in and out of there early. 


Made it to my appointments an hour early cause it was two blocks away from the ultrasound. I was sitting there 5 min and my nurse walked out and said she had a no show to the receptionist. couple of minutes later she was back and took me in. She went through my journal and was happy with it. Weighed me and I lost a little. 281.6lbs is what I am at now. She is going to see me July next. 

I was back out in reception 5 minutes and Dr Mulder grabbed me. We talked about my hamstring. Took my blood pressure. I told him I was ready to move to the surgeon. He believes that it is the best idea. 


So the next appointment is June 13 with my dietician for the medgem. Then mental health.  

Then RN on July 15.

Aug 16 with the surgeon.


I feel very frustrated being that they can't seem to give me any ideas to help me loose the 10% requirement. Here is hoping the medgem tells me something.  



Dietician meeting today.......

Apr 27, 2016

I met with my dietician today and she was pleased with my journaling, portions and food choices. She gave my some pamphlets on quick food ideas and more ideas for protein. She suggested that we do a metabolic test. So that is my next appointment. I am at 127.95 kgs = 282.02 lbs. 

I am very discouraged at the moment. 

She also said that I should take some vitamin D.



Second Visit- Doctor that helps with Weightloss not surgery.

Mar 30, 2016

I met with a doctor today that deals with the Weightloss with out surgery. He was really nice, went through my food journal and we talked about my everyday and history. He says from my food journal and me working out schedule that I should be loosing.  He figures what it could be a genetic thing. OH YAY. NOT!!!!  He told me that he would recommend the surgery.   He told me that it will probably be very hard for me to lose the 10% that they require. That makes it heart breaking for me. So how am I suppose to get there? What do I change to get there?  He did say that I could do 2 shakes a day. But I need to make sure I have my snacks too.   I have another appointment with him in 2 months.  I lost .3 on my BMI. 

My next appointment is

April 27th 2016 - Dietician assessment 

May 12 2016 - Weightloss Doctor and Nurse

June 15 2016 - Mental Health


Compleated my supervised exercise program

Mar 12, 2016

Yesterday I had my assessment for my supervised exercise. Lost 1 inch on my tummy!  I improved on the exercise tests. She was very happy with how I was doing. She taught us how to use the equipment properly and how to do things at home properly. I bought my exercise ball and just have to pick up my dumb bells. 

I also went and got blood taken on March 10, 2016 as per my nurse at the clinic.


First day at the clinic!

Feb 29, 2016

Roads were bad this morning, but I made it to my appointment. My nurse had a lady tagging along learning the ropes. Went through my history and family history. Got weighed and picture done. Set a couple of goals for me to do over the next month. Journal and try to eat at lunch. They are having me meet with a doctor that doesn't do surgeries to see if that is an option in March. I see the dietician in April and then my nurse in May. 


Got a call...

Jan 26, 2016

I was on my way to my third day of supervised exercise yesterday and got a call from the clinic and they had to change my assessment date from March 3, 2016 to Feb 29, 2016. Only a few days difference but glad it's sooner then later. 

I am really enjoying the supervised exercise program. I am really starting to get into it. Hopefully I stay with it after 8 weeks of the program. 


1st day supervised exercise

Jan 19, 2016

Yesterday was the first day at supervised exercise. It was great the eliptical kicked my butt. But it was all good. Felt good. Going back on Wednesday!!


It's been awhile... But everything's up to date...

Jan 13, 2016

It's been a long while due to not being able to post any blogs since the end of November.


Back in the middle of October I received my letter for the supervised exercise program. Orientation was January 6, 2016.


I was told back in August that I would be getting my letter for orientation in November. So on the 23rd I called cause I have short patients. When I called the lady on the other end was so nice. She told me she was actually just working on my orientation letter. Orientation would be on December 18, 2015.  I was so excited. I received that letter on November 27, 2015. I wanted to frame it!  

December 18, 2015 I woke up to not such nice weather to travel in but that wasn't stopping me today. I picked up a girlfriend and off to Red Deer I went.  Orientation was at the Red Deer Hospital. It was very informitive. I learn a lot but still wanted to go through with all this.  I met a lady that was there. Very nice lady. Added her to my Facebook. When I left the hospital I called the clinic so I could book right away. Of course no answer but I left a message and they called me back on December 21, 2015 and booked me for March 3, 2016.  OMG I was so excited it's also my birthday!!! Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday all in a short conversation. 


Jan 6, 2016 did the orientation for the supervised clinic and booked my assessment appointment for Jan 13.

Well today is Jan 13, 2016. My appointment went great, it was much shorter then what she booked. But that's ok. I am looking forward to learning how to use the equipment properly. I am going to have to go get an inhaler due to my asthma. 

I will post again on Monday to say how my workout went. 


I have lost some weight but not in the clinic

Aug 27, 2015

I weighed myself yesterday and found my left down 12 lbs. Yay but scared because the clinic I have been referred to will only accept me if my BMI is over 40 because I don't have any other issues other then asthma. Thankful for that.  My BMI was 43.8 when I started and with my weight I lost I am at 41.9. So this morning I called the clinic and talked to them and found out that they use the referral weight.  Thank god. Cause I am not trying to loose anything right now.  At the same time she looked me up cause I didn't know if I was accepted yet or not. And YES I have been. The tears rolled down my face in joy. I won't be going in till about Christmas time though. But I am good with that.  Merry Christmas to me in August.