I have lost some weight but not in the clinic

Aug 27, 2015

I weighed myself yesterday and found my left down 12 lbs. Yay but scared because the clinic I have been referred to will only accept me if my BMI is over 40 because I don't have any other issues other then asthma. Thankful for that.  My BMI was 43.8 when I started and with my weight I lost I am at 41.9. So this morning I called the clinic and talked to them and found out that they use the referral weight.  Thank god. Cause I am not trying to loose anything right now.  At the same time she looked me up cause I didn't know if I was accepted yet or not. And YES I have been. The tears rolled down my face in joy. I won't be going in till about Christmas time though. But I am good with that.  Merry Christmas to me in August.