Met with my Nurse and the Weightloss Doctor

May 12, 2016

I had to be on the road early this morning (5:30am) as I had to get to my ultrasound on my hamstring. I was in and out of there early. 


Made it to my appointments an hour early cause it was two blocks away from the ultrasound. I was sitting there 5 min and my nurse walked out and said she had a no show to the receptionist. couple of minutes later she was back and took me in. She went through my journal and was happy with it. Weighed me and I lost a little. 281.6lbs is what I am at now. She is going to see me July next. 

I was back out in reception 5 minutes and Dr Mulder grabbed me. We talked about my hamstring. Took my blood pressure. I told him I was ready to move to the surgeon. He believes that it is the best idea. 


So the next appointment is June 13 with my dietician for the medgem. Then mental health.  

Then RN on July 15.

Aug 16 with the surgeon.


I feel very frustrated being that they can't seem to give me any ideas to help me loose the 10% requirement. Here is hoping the medgem tells me something.