The Hullabaloo over the Humdrums...

Jun 29, 2009

I am tired. I am tired of this pureed food thing. I am no longer creative and everything tastes the same. After one week when I thought everything was going to so well, I am now experiencing a "wait a minute" phase where I am thing what the heck have I done.

I thought I was immune to nausea and sickness. Well I was completely wrong. I got nausea and then yesterday I got the full sickness. I did not enjoy that at all. My protein shakes use to taste wonderful; but now they are entirely too sweet and I cannot even begin to drink them any more.

I do not even want to touch food. None...whatsoever. For fear that my night yesterday will become my night and day everyday. I have seroma too...

I know in the end it will be worth it. My blood pressure and everything else shows me that I have made the right decision but it does not mean I am not tired. More than anything I want a taco! That nevers happens when I want something so bad like that. But I guess knowing that I cannot have it right now makes the feeling even stronger.

I am just tired and I sure I am not the only one to go through these phases. I also do not see any weight coming off yet, but of course I am just starting this journey. I guess I just needed to vent...

Let me go take my vitamins and make my cream of wheat...


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