Working On

Fit comfortably in any seat I choose (lawnchair, movie theater, airplane etc.)

600 working on · 385 achieved
Working On

Take it one day at a time....

12 working on · 1 achieved
Working On

Become healthier in life for myself and to always be there for my children

19 working on · 2 achieved
Working On

Be at peace. No more diets, shame, and other's judgments about my size.

14 working on · 9 achieved
Working On

Learn to love me more

12 working on · 1 achieved
Working On

To be able to ride rollercoasters again.

35 working on · 10 achieved
Working On

Not shop at the plus size store anymore

15 working on · 12 achieved
Working On

Fit in an airplane seat comfortably

84 working on · 50 achieved

Get approved for surgery

39 working on · 77 achieved
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Apr 10, 2009
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