It Is All In My Head

Jul 07, 2009

I know it is all in my head. The worry that I am eating too much. The worry that I have stretched out my pouch.  The worry that I must be doing something wrong because I can eat way too much. I can do to much. I am not sick enough...

It has to be all in my head. I feel too good. I can drink too much. Perhaps I snack t0o much. I question whether I really feel hungry or am I just eating to be eating. I question whether my doctor did my pouch tight enough. I question whether I could have gotten the lapband with the pouch too.

I question when can I really start getting in the gym to lose more weight. Why did I only lose 8.5% as opposed to those who lost 10% of their weight...what is going on? Indeed, it is all in my head.

I know I am within the first few weeks of my surgery and I am still getting used to my body, my pouch and a whole lot of other changes. I know I do not eat NEARLY as much as I did before...but I cannot help to freak. But it helps to write things down when I freak out to know that it is all in my head and everything is really okay and I am really fine.

And now I am starting to feel my stomach tighten from that juice that I just drank. need to is all in my head...

But I am sure I will freak out again in the near future.


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