Self v. Self

Apr 19, 2010

So I have been so busy with my life that I finally have realized that I need to go back and take things slowly and just breathe again! Between family, work and school, I have barely had me time and I need it badly! So I am back and I really could use the support. Even though I know that I have lost weight, in my mind I still see that big girl and so I find myself constantly saying that this process did not work for me, what was the point! Why do I remain unhappy with myself when I know that everything is better for me? I mean, I can finally go to stores and find things to where  not in the plus size section, I do not have to get the extender for plane rides, and I think I can fit into a roller coaster what is the problem? I think I am at this phase where now I have all of this excess skin and I am surprised by it. I knew I was big, but to have excess skin of this extreme astounds me and perhaps that adds to my whole self evaluation. So many new emotions right now that I am trying to balance. Hopefully I am not alone. I am really trying hard to accept my body, with its faults and all.


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