My story is probably a lot like everyone else's.  I was an average sized kid and started putting on a little weight with puberty.  My friends thought they were helping me want to lose weight by telling me I was fat - it didn't work.  When I look back I really wasn't fat at that time either - it's so funny how our perceptions change over time.  Through high school and my mid 20s I was about 40ish pounds overweight.  Then I moved away and got married, we ate out a lot and I put on about another 20 to 30 lbs.  Then we moved back to Maine and I put on another 30 or so pounds.  It really sneaks up on you when you're not paying attention! 

I've thought about WLS for many years but the timing hasn't been right or I just haven't been ready I guess.  I think I'm ready now and can't wait for the Informational Seminars so I can choose a Dr. and get the process started.  Of course I'm terrified, but I'm more terrified of hip and knee replacements, heart disease, diabetes, etc. etc. etc.

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