Two Months

Aug 04, 2009

So I wrote a blog last week and it got eaten by OH (grrrr).  So I'll try this again.

Saturday was my two month surgiversary.  Wow, two months has gone unbelievably fast.  My HS Reunion was about 1 1/2 weeks ago too.  It was ok I guess, albeit a little disappointing.  Basically, the people that were buttholes, still are.  I guess I'd hoped to see some positive changes in people, even I felt like the same old person.  I think that ticked me off more than anything else.  I did have a nice conversation with a couple of the guys though, they think I look younger now than I did then.  Of course I told them they were drinking too  One said I'd lost a lot of weight - good thing - except I weigh more now than I did the last time I saw him.  Oh well, I guess I'll take the compliments where I can get them.

I've taken more progress pics, I don't really see much difference between month 1 and 2.  However, my clothes definitely see the difference.  I'm currently wearing a pair of sz. 12 shorts from Wal-Mart, and bought a pair of capris at Kohl's tonight that are 12s as well.  My high school size was a 14 (and I think that would be like a 16 in today's sizes).  I was a 12 once for about a month right after I had my son, so this is a big thing for me (for all of us, of course.)  Oh, and I'm finally the weight it says on my license for the first time EVER. 

I also went camping with my girlfriends last weekend.  That was huge for me because I'm a hotel and hot tub type of girl.  We didn't have electricity and slept in a bunkhouse that had mice (eeekkkkssss).  But I made it the whole weekend and had a great time, even risked it and had a smore.  I made it small and it was SOOOOO good.  Stuck to my eating and drinking plan other than that though and a great time was had by all.  We're even planning on making it a yearly thing.

I guess that's all for now....


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